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common moving mistakes

5 Common Moving Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Common Moving Mistakes You Can Avoid

Most people hope for a smooth move to their new home or office. But these transitions can try your nerves because it always seems that something unexpected pops up. Still, you can prepare for your relocation by anticipating some common moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common Moving Mistake 1: Not Booking Early Enough

Waiting too long to book your date with the professional movers is one of the top moving mistakes. Many people focus more on their to-do lists, packing and other plans, than on securing the date with the professional movers.

At Movin’ On Movers of Apex, NC, we recommend that you book our services before focusing on any other tasks associated with your relocation. Professional movers experience high seasons, peak demand and other surges in their business according to the time of year, weather expectations and day of the week. This is why you should never take setting your moving date for granted when you need help from the pros.

Common Moving Mistake 2: Budget Miscalculation

It can be hard to know what a move will cost you, in the end. This is why budgeting mistakes are so common in moving. But if you book your move early as discussed in the section above, you have more time to budget and a clear understanding of what it will cost from the start. When talking to professional movers at Movin’ On Movers about our services, we inform you about the cost of packing materials and other supplies, packing services, transportation and warehouse storage, particularly in comparison with how we can handle these needs for you.

The professional movers of your Raleigh area moving company can also advise about the costs of moving large items like pianos, artwork and pool tables. If you have stairs or other obstacles to moving furniture and boxes, we can help you budget for these issues, too. Moving locally will carry a different cost than moving long-distance. We include all of these in our free quotes so you know exactly what you will pay.

Besides your actual moving costs, there are other cost considerations to include on your budget. If you have pets, they may need special services to transport them to your new home. Or maybe you need to put them in a boarding facility during the packing and unpacking. You will have utility connections and disconnections to pay for and some of these may require substantial deposits. You may need a babysitter, too.

The best approach when financially planning for your move is to cushion your budget. Think of all of the services and supplies you need, then add 10, 15 or even 25 percent to each line item, just in case.

Common Moving Mistake 3: Trying to Do the Work Yourself

Professional movers stay so busy because moving is not easy. Few people want to move their home or office on their own. Although it is possible to do the packing, heavy lifting and transportation without help, why do this to yourself?

Professional movers exist to make the work and stress of moving easier. They know all of the best methods for packing, lifting and unpacking with efficiency. In many cases, they can even get the job done for cheaper than if you try to do it all by yourself. Unlike when you engage friends and family members to help, if an injury occurs to one of the professional movers, you are not liable. You do not have to worry about the hassles of renting a truck, packing boxes or even carrying any of the weight.

Common Moving Mistake 4: Packing Problems

There are proper methods for packing. Many people do not realize how much items settle within a box during a move, nor do they understand how much can suffer damages, in the process. But professional movers are highly trained and experienced in packing. We protect each item as needed and do all we can to get everything from your old place to your new one in one piece.

There are also many things that cannot go on the moving truck. Lawn equipment, garden tools, chemicals, paints, food and gas-powered items all need special handling.

Your professional movers can provide you with a list of items we cannot transport. We can also help you avoid breakage by properly packing everything based on industry best practices and our experience. Movin’ On Movers also carries insurance to cover any items that are damaged, as specified in your moving contract.

Common Moving Mistake 5: Not Packing Essentials Separately

After the hustle and bustle of moving day, not to mention how you work up a sweat during all of this activity, nothing is more soothing than a hot shower. But taking one can seem like even more hassle if you do not know which box or bag contains soap, towels, shampoo and your robe. Failing to pack essentials where you can find them is a big packing and moving mistake.

Obviously, the best way to remedy this moving mistake and ensure you get that relaxing hot shower is to pack a bag or box of essentials. Clearly label this box for the professional movers to hand over to you. Or, keep your suitcase, duffle or other container of essentials with you in your personal vehicle. Other essentials to treat with this care include several dishes, cups and flatware. You also need medications, toothbrushes, toothpaste, contact lens solution and pet food where you can quickly and easily locate it.

For the easiest move and to avoid common moving mistakes, call the professional movers of Movin’ On Movers at (919)362–8355 for a price quote and scheduling.

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