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7 Things to Leave Behind When You Move

Moving Companies7 Things to Leave Behind When You Move

Did you know that it is illegal for moving companies to move some of your belongings from one region to another? Other everyday items are dangerous for movers to transport. This means you must leave these things behind when you move.

Ask your moving company for their list of restricted items before packing begins. Some goods are prohibited for out-of-state moves, but not local transport. Knowing this information before packing day ensures you do not waste precious time or money. For the most part, you should not pack the following items when you move:

1. Moving Companies Do Not Move Pets

Moving companies cannot move your pets for you. Even little Johnny’s lizard in a covered aquarium must find other transportation to your new home. Consider taking your animals with you in your personal vehicle. But ensure you check your new state’s regulations regarding animal transport, entry, ownership, and licensing before taking any exotic animals.

2. Moving Companies Do Not Move Houseplants

Most people have a few houseplants they have lovingly nurtured for years. But some of these plants cannot go from one state to another or even over a certain number of miles without special permits. Talk to your moving company about their plant moving policy if they transport any plants at all. States have strict rules in place to keep damaging pests from going along for the ride and populating new areas.

3. Moving Companies Do Not Move Heirlooms and High-Value Items

Most movers will not transport cash, stocks, jewelry, or other high-value belongings. Having these items onboard their trucks puts them at risk for expensive damages, such as if theft or other loss occurs. Remember that reputable moving companies maintain insurance, but these policies only cover the current market value. Sentimentality is priceless, so these are things you should pack into your own vehicle when you move.

4. Engine-Operated Equipment

Although many movers transport engine-operated equipment like lawnmowers, you must prepare anything fuel-driven well in advance of packing day for loading on the truck. For example, you must drain the fuel and other fluids from a lawnmower at least 24 hours before the equipment’s transport when you move. Otherwise, moving companies must refuse to move this machinery.

5. Flammable, Corrosive and Hazardous Materials

Flammables and other hazardous materials cannot travel on the moving truck because of the risk they pose for the moving companies and the public. These items include:

  • Batteries containing acid
  • Charcoal
  • Pool chemicals
  • Paint remover
  • Lighter fluid
  • Kerosene and gasoline
  • Aerosol cans
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Paint thinner

Ask your moving company for a full list of the materials they will not pack or move.

6. Perishable Foods

Perishable food items attract rodents and other pests. Many foods also spoil in heat or over a period of time. For these reasons, moving companies do not pack or transport perishable food items. Dispose of any opened or perishable goods before packing day when you move.

7. Scuba Gear

Pressurized oxygen has no place on a moving truck. These scuba diving tanks can explode if they bump against other objects, such as during a traffic accident. Obviously this poses great liability for anyone who attempts to move them when you move.

Ask for a List of Your Moving Company’s Prohibited Items

All professional moving companies maintain a list of prohibited items. These lists vary from company to company and region to region. Sometimes moving companies bend the rules for items like houseplants for a local move, but not for long-distance. Although having to dispose of personal items can cost more than you would like, doing so is important. These rules keep the public and all of your other belongings safe.

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