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When is the Best Time to Move?

best time to moveThe beautiful weather of Apex, North Carolina, and the Triangle Area certainly makes moving easier any time of year. But as with any business, there are busy times and quiet times in the moving industry. Each of the four seasons has its own moving benefits. But when is the best time to move to North Carolina or within the state?

Is the best time to move in the fall?

Moving in the fall has some advantages. The weather is cooler than during summer, yet not so cold that it makes being outside uncomfortable. Moving into a new home during this time of year also enables you to start fresh just before the holidays. Instead of having to pull your favorite holiday decorations out of storage, you gain easy access to them as part of your relocation. You have enough time before Thanksgiving and the December holidays to prepare for these special occasions. Plus, being in a new residence makes everything feel even more special.

Buying a home is easier in fall, too. Home sales peak in late summer and things slow down from October through January. So you can probably find a better deal if buying home, possibly even for rentals.

Sometimes fall is not the best time to move, however. This is true if you have young children enrolled in school. Moving just after the school year begins can make children feel uneasy. It disrupts their learning and can make them fall behind.

Is winter a good time for moving?

Winter is a good time to move because of lower costs and easier scheduling this time of year. There is lower demand for moving companies in cold months. You can choose more convenient days and times for your relocation in winter, when compared to the other seasons.

But winter is often not the best time to move. This is true when the North Carolina winter is atypically cold or wet. Sometimes this area of the country experiences ice, snow and rain storms that can make moving less comfortable. You can also experience some dangerous driving conditions in inclement weather. Slipping and falling is more common in frozen temperatures, but you can prepare for these challenges by salting your walkways and bundling up.

Is spring a good time to move?

The months of March to early May are not as busy for the moving industry as you might think. You can still possibly enjoy some scheduling convenience during this time of year for your move in the Apex area of North Carolina. The weather is beautiful in the state during these months, although it can be unpredictably wet at times. You are also less likely to overheat when moving in spring temperatures.

Spring is not the best time to move if you have school age children. They have exams and end-of-year activities scheduled for their classes. Moving to a new school district at this time can feel disorienting and lonely. Although most of spring provides scheduling convenience with busy moving companies, their schedules become more cramped as May progresses. If you are moving in late May, prepare to face the hurdles of their busy season.

Is summer a good time to move?

Summer is the peak of home selling season. This makes it the right time to have your home on the market for sale. You can possibly even achieve a higher sale price in June, July or August. Because school aged children are not in class during the summer, they feel less disruption when moving during these months. Many kids even feel excited about starting a new school in the fall.

Summer is not the best time to move if you need scheduling convenience or lower rates. With this being the peak season for moving companies, it can be difficult to find an available mover. Because of their tight schedules, your move can take longer. After all, moving companies conduct 70 percent of their annual business from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

In addition, summer may not be the best time to move if high temperatures bother you. North Carolina’s Triangle Area is pleasantly warm and sunny during summer. But you can feel like you are baking in the sun, if you are temperature sensitive.

When is a good time to move around Apex, North Carolina?

The best time to move is ultimately your decision, based upon your needs, lifestyle, preferences and budget. If you want to save money during your relocation or dislike summer heat, aim for fall, winter or early spring months to move. But if you have children enrolled in school, try to schedule your move during summer.

No matter when you choose as your best time to move, you can still get a great rate. Simply schedule your moving services for mid-week and mid-month. Weekends are most difficult to schedule and typically cost more. Also, rental leases typically start and end at the beginning of the month. This makes many renters choose to move during the last and first weekends.

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