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7 Ways to Feel at Home After Moving

feel at home7 Ways to Feel at Home After Moving

One of the biggest issues for many people after moving is trying to feel at home. There can be a feeling of loss after relocation, particularly if you move to a new city where you know no one. Below are some tips to help you adapt to your new place and start creating a new life.

1. Embrace Your Changes

It is important to start thinking positively about your changes after moving. Consider it a fresh start. Once you focus on the positive side of your new beginning, you can feel excited about the unexpected nature of relocation and living in a new place. You will certainly miss things about your old home and lifestyle there. But look for similarities in your new area and tap into similar connections to feel at home.

To embrace your changes after moving, be more mindful in daily living. Focus on finding restaurants, shopping centers, community activities, and parks that you enjoy. Instead of longing for the known of your past residence, embrace the excitement and adventure of your new routine.

2. Take Control of Your New Lifestyle

Feeling out of control or unsure of your new lifestyle can increase negative feelings about your new place after moving. You are more likely to feel lost, lonely, unsure and sad until you seize the changes in your life. Instead of leaving things up to fate, make the choice to take control and create the lifestyle you want. Seek out clubs, a new church, classes to take or a community center to join for the opportunity to meet new people. Become a part of your community and really put yourself “out there” to more quickly feel at home.

3. Manage Expectations

It is easy to get excited about moving. But you can easily get swept away in the dreams of what “could be” in your new home. This sets yourself up for some disappointment when you think things do not measure up to your fantasies. Manage your expectations and focus on what you can appreciate about your new place, one day at a time.

At the end of each day, embrace the little steps you have taken to shape your new life after relocation. These steps can include joining a club, meeting a neighbor, enjoying a park you have never been to before or finishing your unpacking. Set small goals for your next day and work to achieve those goals and feel at home faster.

4. Start Each Day Proactively

You are bound to feel most disconnected and lonely after moving when you are not immersed inactivity. Instead of focusing on friends’ social media and what they are up to “back home,” start your day on a more positive and proactive footing. Before getting out of bed or while in your morning shower, think about the rest of your day and want you would like to achieve. Use intention to create a day that makes you feel accomplished and energized by your progress.

5. Pay Attention to What Stresses You Out

We all have triggers for stress. After moving, you may find yourself having more moments of anxiety. When stressed, complete a simple exercise to audit your feelings and figure out how you can take some weight off of your shoulders.

Try this activity to understand why you feel disconnected in the moment:

  • Using pen and paper, draw a line down the middle of your page
  • On the left side, list things you are excited about after moving
  • On the right side, list things that stress you or make you unhappy after moving
  • Reflect on how you can move listed items on the right into the column on the left

Using this exercise, you can focus on what you can control and relieve the anxiety often associated with relocation, one listed item at a time.

6. Appreciate the Good Things

Moving is an overwhelming process. You have to pack, move, unpack, organize and reestablish your life in a new place. It is easy to get swept up in the momentum of this activity. Instead, you should use appreciation to account for your progress and accomplishments. By taking stock of the things you have achieved and how that achievement makes you feel, you can feel more positive about each day.

In a mindset of appreciation, it is easier to embrace the changes around you. Feeling lucky or blessed to have the things you have or be in your situation can open doors to an even better life after moving. You can even start to feel at home.

7. Make Your Moving Process Easier

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