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How We Prepare Your Stuff for a Move

How We Prepare Your Stuff for a Move

Our Holly Springs moving company has spent a lot of time and energy building itself to what it is right now. Courteous and capable workers, moving practices that protect the customer’s goods, add-on services to compliment our core services – all of these things and more have defined us over the years.

But how exactly do we prepare your stuff and how do we protect your stuff at the same time?

Prepare Your Stuff

The first thing we do is protect the floor. We do this by covering the whole area with padding that is resistant to scuff marks and friction damage. We pay special attention to the foyer or entrance of a building since this is where a lot of people pass through.

The next thing we do is cushion banisters and railings. These elevated barriers are prone to scratching and the occasional bump, which is why we go to extra lengths padding them up in the first place. This also prevents the banisters themselves from damaging the furniture we’re moving around.

We then shrink wrap upholstered items and blanket wrap furniture. This protects precious antiques and family treasures from being damaged, especially when out on the road. The padding also prevents any dust and dirt from getting through; blocking them off before they manage to leave a permanent stain on your precious furniture.

And then there are the movers themselves. We train our people to do their jobs well and to lift heavy objects without putting themselves or the items at risk. At the end of the day, our skilled movers are the ones who do the most to protect your items.

That is perhaps one of the most important reasons why we have such a solid reputation in the first place!

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