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During A Move - Deciding Which Items to Bring With You

Deciding Which Items to Bring With You During a Move

Deciding Which Items to Bring With You During a Move

Moving is an activity that most people do not enjoy. With all of the things, you need to accomplish both before and after your move. It can be a stressful time in your life. That having been said, you should take advantage of the opportunity that has been presented to. You now have the chance to inventory every single item that you own. Most people have junk laying around in places like basements and attics. They simply forget about it because it has been buried beneath or shoved behind other items that are used more frequently. If an item is kept out of sight, it is usually kept out of mind as well.

People naturally accumulate items in their homes that they do not need and never use. These are items that they hold onto because they mistakenly believe that they are going to need them. While there are some items that might come in handy, the inability to throw things away is a bad habit.

Developing a hoarder’s mentality that every object is valuable can cause you to live in a house that is loaded with things. Moving into a new home will give you the chance to sort out your possessions. Also, decide what is actually useful and should be held onto. The following tips will show you some useful methods to use when you are deciding which items to bring with you during a move.

When was the last time you actually used this item?

This question is always a good starting point when you are trying to determine if an item is necessary in your life. If many years have gone by without you using the item, there is a pretty good chance that you do not need it. If you have not thought about the item in many years and forgot you even owned it, this is a sure sign that it needs to go.

Is there someone in your life who could really use this item?

While you are sifting through all of your possessions prior to your move. You must also stop to consider the other people in your life. As you examine each item, try to keep in mind your friends and family members. You might be able to get rid of some of your useless junk and score some points with your loved ones at the same time. What could be better than that?

For example, if you know someone who loves to exercise and stay in shape, that treadmill in your garage that hasn’t been used in 15 years would be the perfect gift for that person. Obviously, before you put on your Santa Claus hat and start giving gifts to your friends and family, clean the items off and make sure they actually work properly.

How much space will you have in your new home?

Space is also something you will need to consider. This is especially true if the home you are moving into is smaller than the one you are living in now. Therefore, if you have some items that are seldom used and rather large. Holding onto these things could prove to be quite problematic if space is at a premium at your new place. If you want to bring these large items with you, where will they go? Take some time and actually plan out the organization of your new home. It is better to do this far in advance than wait until the day you unload your items from the moving van.

How much are your items worth?

The value of your items is also something you should look into. You might have some things that are worth a considerable amount of money. If you find this to be the case, you might as well sell the item. You will clear out some of the clutter, make your move easier and pocket some extra cash at the same time. If you stumble upon an old baseball card or comic book collection. It would be wise to have it appraised by several professional dealers before you put it up for sale.

Can you get a nice tax write-off for your items?

Lastly, if your friends and family have no use for certain items, giving them to charity is a good option. Not only will you be helping people who are less fortunate than you. It will also be possible to deduct a certain amount of money from your taxes. The more you donate, the bigger your tax deduction will be. Is your closet packed with clothes that you never wear because they do not fit you anymore or they are no longer in style? If this is the case, you might want to consider donating them to charity. We Hope This Blog Has Helped You During Your Move.

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