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Moving Guide

Helpful Moving Guide on Raleigh Movers

Not many things are more exciting than moving into a new home. At Movin’ On Movers it is our goal to move you without damaging your home or possessions. We cover the entrance foyer, remove doors as needed, and pad any banister railings before loading and unloading. Here is some moving advice to ensure an efficient and smooth move.

At the New Home
  • Have someone there to tell us where you want the furniture placed
  • Be sure the driveway, sidewalks, and porches are clear of mud, debris, leaves, etc. to avoid tracking these into the home
  • Do not schedule any cleaning, painting, carpentry, or installations for moving day. We will only get in each other’s way and risk damaging your home or furniture
  • Please do not lay plastic on floors. This is dangerous and will have to be removed. But you can use the kind of clear plastic that has one sticky side
  • Please do not cover stairs in the home unless you use the sticky plastic
  • If you move items yourself, stack them out of the way so we can place the furniture and boxes where they need to go
Attics, Basements & Garages

These places are usually “catch-alls” for many loose items. Please pack these things in boxes and label them. Here are a few more moving tips on having these areas ready for us to move.

  • Use boxes, not bags
  • Tape yard tools together
  • Pull items out of crawl spaces and from under the eaves
  • We cannot transport fuel, gas, paint, propane or other flammable materials
  • Shelving and other installed items that are to be moved should be removed from walls prior to our arrival
  • We cannot go up “pull-down” stairs to remove or place items in an attic. We can help you do this if previous arrangements have been made
Packing & Labeling

If you choose to pack yourself, please follow these helpful moving guidelines. We can sell and deliver the packing materials you may need. Professional moving supplies may prevent damage that results from the use of poor quality packing materials.

  • Use quality boxes and tape (no duct or masking tape please)
  • Use paper or bubble wrap fragile items
  • Use small moving boxes for heavy items such as books, magazines, and record albums
  • Tape all boxes closed, no flap folding
  • Label the tops of boxes as to which room they will go
  • Label fragile boxes that are truly fragile
  • All pictures, lamps and shades must be boxed if you want us to move them
  • All hang-up clothes must be boxed. With prior notice, you can rent wardrobe boxes from us on moving day
  • Do not water plants for at least 3 days before moving day
  • Please Note: Owner-packed boxes are not covered by any insurance

Incorrect packing is the prime cause of damages. When you’ve done it right, the box should weigh no more than 50 pounds, the sides shouldn’t bulge, and the top should close without caving in. Fill in empty space with paper if needed and take out items if the top won’t close. Keep in mind that the heavier the items, the smaller the box should be.

  • All furniture surfaces should be cleared off
  • All beds should be void of linens
  • Water bed mattresses must be completely drained
  • Dresser drawers do not need to be emptied; however, all fragile items within them must be packed
  • All furniture with doors must be emptied
  • We will take apart beds and remove mirrors from dressers
  • Empty the refrigerator and freezer on the day of the move. Be sure to have extra boxes or coolers to do this
  • If the ice maker cut-off is under the house, please have it disconnected prior to moving day. We will not crawl under houses to disconnect. Note: We can not hook up ice makers
  • We do not disconnect or reconnect washers and dryers
  • We cannot disconnect or reconnect any gas appliances. Please call your gas company for this service

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