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Should You Pack Yourself or Hire Movers to Pack for You?

Perhaps you heard of packing services from your local moving company like Movin on Movers and wondered, “should you hire movers to pack and unpack your new home?” Packing services, especially when a professional does it, can prevent damage to the fragile items in your boxes. At the same time, it frees up even more of your time to invest in what matters the most to you.

Your Time, Your Money

Most moving experts like Movin on Movers estimate that it takes the average person three to five days to pack a three-bedroom home. Afterward, you must sort out the boxes and find everything you need. Moving takes the average person eight to 16 weeks to pack everything, move it to the new home and unpack it.

Hiring a company like Movin on Movers to handle the packing and moving will eliminate a large part of the unsavory work that you do yourself. Especially if you belong to the 50 and older club, this extra work can prove exhausting, which explains why many of the elderly choose to hire us for moving and packing. Packing services also help those with disabilities.

Moving companies can pack select items, or they can pack your whole house depending on your specific requirements. If you choose selective packing, such as us only packing select items like sensitive electronics, you will only receive basic charges on it in most cases.

Don’t Have Money to Pack the Whole Home? Hire Movers

Let’s say that you can’t afford to pack the whole home with professional movers. We allow our customers to hire us to pack one or two rooms in the home to lighten the burden while lowering the costs at the same time. Choose the more difficult rooms and leave the rest to us.

In some cases, people hire us to pack because it removes the emotions from the game. If you lived at a place for several years, you may have a few good memories that make packing difficult. Since we don’t feel the same connection, it will make it easier for us to pack for your move.

Eliminate the Boring and Tedious

Now, we won’t say that everyone should buy our packing services because we understand that some customers would rather do this themselves. We get it. However, for those who dislike the tedious nature of packing, we can wrap things up for you so that you can focus on the finer things in life.

Because Movin on Movers has offered moving services for years, we can pack your home up quickly and effectively at a moment’s notice. We have the expertise to make moves seamless. If you need to move fast for whatever reason, we can help you to make the move quickly.

Create an Inventory

At Movin on Movers in Raleigh, North Carolina, we often recommend that our customers write up a list of inventory. We recommend this for two reasons. First, you can check off the items once you arrive at your new home. Second, an inventory list serves as an extra form of security for insurance purposes.

In the event that anything goes missing or suffers damage, insurance will cover it more easily given those circumstances. Moves are notoriously hard on items, and while we try to pack and move everything with the most care possible, damages do happen. TV sets, home theaters and computer systems are the most commonly damaged items.

Now, you can either write up an inventory list on paper, or you can use one of the many convenient smartphone apps for moving, such as Move Advisor, Unpakt or Home Inventory.

Won’t Pack Everything

Most movers won’t pack specific items like fireworks, pesticides, paint thinner, gasoline or oxygen tanks. The professionals at Movin on Movers can pack almost anything, but you should call us ahead of time to understand what we can and cannot pack.

Think dangerous items to move and that tends to highlight the things that we won’t move. Beware of specific things like medical records, financial information and medicines since many moving companies won’t pack those either due to the risk.

When It Makes Sense to Hire Moving Professionals for Packing

It would make sense to hire moving professionals for packing in the following scenarios:

  • Long distance moves where items must receive proper packing
  • First-time movers
  • Those with disabilities
  • The elderly who can’t pack as well anymore
  • You must pack a lot of items

Insurance will also cover even more aspects of the move in most cases. Sometimes people will hire Movin on Movers just to wrap the wooden furniture professionally to protect it from scratches and bumps that could degrade the quality and protect it with insurance.

Final Thoughts

Packing services won’t be necessary for everyone, but you do have some people who will find them useful. Especially if you don’t have the time and would prefer not to worry much about the move, this hands more of the tedious aspects of moving over to us.

The average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime and hiring movers can reduce much of the hassle that comes with moving. Going to a new place can stress you out, but you don’t have to take on all of the stress yourself. Call Movin on Movers today for a free quote!

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