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5 Packing Tips to Keep Your Items Safe During a Move

5 Packing Tips to Keep Your Items Safe During a Move

Moving is seldom a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It represents a change in your life, one that tends to offer more benefits than your former situation. The problem is that you will almost always have something that you need to move. Some people have just a few valuables while others have entire homes full of furniture, heirlooms, dinnerware, paintings and a long list of items that could easily break during a move.

The trick to a successful move, as far as your belongings are concerned, is ensuring that they arrive at your new home unharmed. This requires careful preparation and the right touch. Let’s take a look at some helpful packing tips you can utilize to ensure that your fragile belongings make it through your next move unscratched, unbroken and unharmed.

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1. Get Rid of Extra Items

The first rule of a good move is to rid yourself of the things you don’t want to bring with you. While this rule seems relatively simple, it is one of the greatest challenges for people to accomplish.

The reason this step is so important is because it reduces the amount of things that you have to move. This makes your move easier, reduces the likelihood of improperly packed items, and reduces the chances that your items will shift during the move in a way that could be dangerous.

The best part about this step is that it can free you from that ugly couch, the worn-out mattress or that heavy gifted set of pottery that you never desired.

2. Pack Your Big Items First

Moving and bagging groceries has one thing in common, – the heavy items should always be packed first. This prevents the fragile items from becoming damaged during any moves.

The problem is that people often pack the heaviest items last because tables, chairs, desks and other items tend to act as supports for the smaller items. While this is more convenient, it tends to make packing more difficult because heavier items can get mixed with more delicate ones.

The best way to avoid this is to pack your items by size, weight and fragility. This allows you to pack the heavier items into your moving van first while avoiding the damage that could arise from mixing heavier items with lighter ones.

3. Label Your Boxes

The easiest way to have your valuables damaged is by failing to label them. This is because items like books, microwaves and even the kitchen sink can be packed in ways to prevent scratches and other damages, which in turn means that they do not need to be handled as gently.

Dinner plates and framed pictures, on the other hand, need to be clearly labeled as fragile. This ensures that gentle hands will move them from the start of your move until it’s completion, which in turn ensures that they will remain safe.

A bonus to this is that you can keep your fragile items in a separate place when you unpack. This will prevent last-minute damages that could happen after you’ve completed your move.

4. Don’t Skimp on Protective Packaging

Protective packaging will greatly minimize the risk of scratches and damage resulting from vibrations. The problem is that few people invest in proper protective packaging for even their most valuable goods.

From broken flat screen televisions to mattresses with large tears, anything can happen during a move. Even the most careful and diligent of movers still need to employ protection to ensure that your items are safe during a move.

When it comes to protective packing materials, don’t skimp out. A small investment in a $20 to $50 cover can save $1,200 televisions and computers from being totaled.

The Big Tip: Don’t Move Alone

The biggest piece of advice we can give is to get an expert’s help when you decide the time is right to move. Even if you think you can handle moving an entire house by yourself, a professional can help to ensure that your move is successful, damage-free and easy.

If you’re thinking about moving, then give Movin’ on Movers a call. We specialize in providing the highest quality moving experience that ensures your belongings remain safe from start to finish.

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