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Three Simple Tips to Make The First Day of a Move Less Hellish

Three Simple Tips to Make The First Day of a Move Less Hellish

Most folks just chuck all their stuff into a few boxes just before moving day comes along. It’s easy enough, but not when you have to unpack everything. Things become even worse when you realize that your antique china pieces are broken while all the soaps and detergents are oozing liquids all over the place.

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So without further ado, here are a few simple tips to help make unpacking less of a nightmare to deal with:

Start by packing an overnight bag and a priority box

If you need stuff for work or simply want to use something the very first moment you bring your stuff into the front door, then an overnight bag coupled with a priority box will do just the trick. The overnight bag should contain items necessary for school or work (including a fresh change of clothes) along with toiletries and valuables. The priority box should be a clear plastic box that will let you quickly pick up and work with stuff you need on day one.

Use plastic wrap to seal the openings of toiletries

Cling or saran wrap will do the job quite nicely. Simply take the tops off from your toiletries or liquid containers, wrap them up and then put them back in place. The wrap will not only help protect the tops but will also help stem the flow of any liquid materials should the bottles get juggled all over the place.

Pad fragile items with clean clothes

Old newspaper and bubble wrap can do the job just fine, but your clothes can do the job just as well. Smaller items can be simply slipped into socks, shirts and sweaters. Larger items can be padded by pants or thicker jackets. Just be mindful of the clothing material and the frailty of the item in question. Items that are easily scratched need to be wrapped in softer materials like cloth or wool instead of tougher materials like denim or thick nylon.

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