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Tips for Moving with a Baby

Tips for Moving with a Baby

Tips for Moving with a BabyTips for Moving with a Baby

Having a baby means not fully focusing on anything else for a few years. Yes, babies require a lot of time, care, and attention. So, if you are moving with a baby in tow, how can you get everything done without any problems? Even more, how can you avoid stressing yourself out?

Below are some moving tips, if you are moving with a baby. By following these simple guidelines, you can have a happy move and look forward to the next chapter of your life.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Belongings Before Packing

There is no reason to pack things you never use. Even less advisable is taking this junk into your new home. They will only take up valuable space and make your move a more laborious process. Several months before you move, start purging your household of unnecessary items. If you have not used something in a year or longer, the odds are good you will not miss it.

Get the Professionals to Do the Work

Hiring professional movers is important when you are moving with a baby. They can take care of the packing, moving and unpacking for you, so you can focus on your child’s needs.

Label All of Your Boxes

Ensure you or the professional movers label all of your packed boxes. You need to be able to easily direct these boxes into the right rooms at your new home. The labels also help you decide which ones to unpack first, so you can best use your free time and multi-task. Remember, moving with a baby means you may be unpacking in slow motion and only during nap time, unless you get the professional movers to handle this chore for you.

Thoroughly Clean the New Home Before Your Baby Arrives

When moving into a new home, you undoubtedly need to clean the space. Even a home that looks clean after construction or the prior owners’ move-out will need touching up. It is hard and can even be dangerous to try mopping, cleaning the kitchen or scrubbing bathrooms with an infant.

Baby-Proof Before Unpacking

When moving with a baby, it is critical that you know the hazards of your new residence and how to protect your little one from these risks. Arrange for a sitter or a family member to watch your child while you baby-proof. Do this before the professional movers are scheduled to unload your belongings. It is so much easier to cover outlets, install cabinet locks and take other protective steps in an empty home.

When moving with a baby, this childproofing of your new home should include:

  • Immediately disposing of boxes and packing material
  • Securing large furnishings so they cannot tip or be pulled over
  • Blocking off dangerous spaces with safety gates
  • Installing locks on cupboards and cabinets
  • Covering power outlets
  • Fencing around swimming pools
  • Ensuring exit doors are not easy to open
  • Installing baby monitors or nanny cams

Pack Your Baby’s Items on Their Own

It is important to know immediately which boxes contain baby items. You also need to be able to find essentials like a playpen, portable crib and toys to keep your little one safe when moving with a baby. You will likely need these items first, before you can safely focus on other household belongings.

Maintain Your Regular Daily Schedule

Whenever possible, maintain your regular daily schedule. Try to wake at the same time, keep up with your mealtimes and go to bed early when moving with a baby. This will help your little one feel rested and not cranky while you are trying to manage many tasks at once.

Professional Movers Make Moving with a Baby Easier

When working with professional movers, you can pay more attention to your baby’s needs and worry less about the physical labor of moving. Movin’ On Movers in Raleigh has moved families like yours throughout the Triangle Area and North Carolina for more than 40 years. Communities we serve in the Triangle Area include:

  • Raleigh
  • Holly Springs
  • Apex
  • Cary
  • Morrisville
  • Durham

Our professional movers look forward to make moving with a baby easier for you! Call Movin’ On Movers at (919) 362 – 8355 today to schedule your move and receive a free quote. We hope this article, “Tips for Moving with a Baby” has helped you with preparing to move with a baby.

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