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Tips for Having a Yard Sale Prior to Moving

Tips for Having a Yard Sale Prior to Moving

If you have just started packing to get ready for a move, you may think you are in over your head. It’s very easy to accumulate too much stuff when you live in one place for a long time. However, you probably do not want to take all this stuff with you and, in truth, you probably should not. Why clutter up your new home if you don’t have to? Instead, consider having a big yard sale to get rid of your unwanted items prior to moving.

You may think it sounds like a whole lot of work, but it really is less work than trying to fit all that clutter into a new home, especially if you are downsizing.  Raleigh NC Yard sale
Organize and Classify

The first step should be to designate a specific place where you can organize for your yard sale and sort through the items to be sold. All similar items should be put together. For example, kitchen items would go in one box, while movies and games in another. Once you have all of the items sorted and classified, you will be ready for the next step.


Many people often do not put prices on the items at their yard sale, but the bonus in providing a price is that it gives everyone a place to start. Do not price your items at the lowest you will take for them. Instead, mark it with a number that you will be able to negotiate on. Many people love yard sales just to practice the art of negotiation. For example, if you put $20 on an item, do not be surprised if someone tries to talk you down. Also, before pricing your items, take its condition into consideration.

Time and Place

Even if you are in a remote location, you can still drive a lot of traffic to it if you have it at a good time and do enough advertising. The ideal time for a garage sale is on the weekend and to start early. Many people like to get up early for bargain shopping. However, be prepared for some to show up even earlier than the stated time as they want to get the first look.


Along with advertising in your local newspaper and putting up signs throughout the neighborhood, make social media work for you. Advertise your sale using your Facebook account and be sure to look for any online yard sale groups on Facebook in which you can let everyone know. You can even post pictures of the items to lure potential buyers to your home.

Displaying Items

People are not going to buy your items if they are all in boxes or not displayed where they can see them. All of your items must be laid out in a way that will allow your buyers to see them. If you do not have tables to put them on, consider laying a piece of plywood across two items to make one and then cover it with a cloth. The idea is to make things as appealing as possible. Hang clothes up where people can view them easily and make sure all like items are together.

Having a yard sale before you move is a great way to make your move easier. While a yard sale may seem like extra work, it will actually reduce the amount of work you have to do when the move takes place.

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