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6 Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

6 Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

Whether you’re moving to your first place, moving in together, or moving because you’re expecting, moving can be very stressful. Even in the best-case scenarios, when you’re looking forward to the new place, moving can be emotional, time-consuming, and even regretful. (Why do you think people move so little?) That’s why we’ve compiled our 6 favorite tips to make moving less stressful.

1. Making A Packing List to Make Moving Less Stressful

From the articles we read (hello!) to the way we order food, humans love lists. They make things so much easier. That’s why we highly recommend starting your move out with a checklist. You can find quite a few great moving checklist suggestions online. Such as basic supplies you’ll need to pack, a to-do list, or rent a truck. This will make moving less stressful.

2. Pack Over The Course Of Days

Between juggling work, life, and moving, it can be really tempting to leave packing for the last couple of days. But if you make time each day to pack, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress. The longer out you start packing, the less you have to pack each day. Most people start packing 1 – 2 weeks before the big move. Two weeks is a good timeframe as it means you won’t be packing away things you might need before you actually move, but will have plenty of time to pack without the last minute rush.

As an extra, related tip, start packing things you don’t use often first. Then move to things that you use sometimes, often, then daily. Things you use very frequently (phone, purse, computer) should actually be packed last and should typically be kept near you during the move. This makes it easier to grab them once you’re at the new place.

3. Rent A Moving Truck to Make Moving Less Stressful

Even if you have the coolest dually ever, you’ll likely need more space than you think. Boxes make moving easier, but they do also help to take up more space. Furniture is always a pain to fit in vehicles. Renting a moving truck, or at least a pull-along trailer will help a lot. It means you can avoid the frustration of trying to fit an entire life’s worth of stuff into one vehicle.

4. Make it a Fun Time

Something that has been gaining in popularity recently is “moving parties”. Obviously, this isn’t something you should invite acquaintances to, but it’s great for best friends. Crack open a 6-pack, put on some good tunes, and have a ‘packing party’. Sure, it’s work, but passing out some cash or at least making it a fun party (with plenty of pizza after) is a great way to spend time with your friends and get a little help with packing.
Not only does it make packing easier, but it can also really help to alleviate stress and gives you an opportunity to have a little fun without giving up responsibility.

5. Hire a Moving Service to Make Moving Less Stressful

Of course, one of the easiest ways to move is to just hire a moving service. Typically, these sorts of services will provide help with packing, moving out, and moving into your new place. It’s always easier to move with a service, but they can end up costing a little money depending on what service you go with and what sort of services you’re wanting.

6. Take Things Over as You Can

If you’re moving into a new house, you can easily start taking things over as you’re done packing them up. Once or twice a week, you can bring things over to your new home. This means you don’t have to worry about renting a truck, can pack at a very reclined rate, and unpack immediately so the house is already “live in ready” by the time you are finished.

Of course, these are just our 6 tips to make moving less stressful and easier. Asking your friends and doing plenty of research can always be a big help, too!

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