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Finding a Reliable Moving Company

Finding a Reliable Moving Company

Moving every belonging you own can be an incredibly intricate affair. You need to worry about how you pack, labeling your boxes, protecting your items from unnecessary damage, securing your belongings to prevent damage and make them easy to find, and, finally, moving your items from your old home to your new one.

With so many things on your mind, it makes sense that having those carefully packed belongings stolen would be the last thing on your mind. Some significantly less-than-reputable movers will even hold your belongings at ransom with intricate fees and other problems, which can further complicate matters.

Let’s take a look at some quick and easy ways to help ensure that you will avoid moving scams while making your next move as safe as possible with a reliable moving company.

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1. Avoid False Credentials and Reviews

One of the most illicit tactics commonly employed by moving companies far and wide is the use of fake credentials and fake reviews. This two falsified materials can give an incredibly positive impression of a company that deserves little more than the recognition of poor service.

The best way to avoid fake credentials is to do your research. The American Moving and Storage Association and Better Business Bureau each have ways to keep tabs on moving companies. Businesses not recognize by these organizations tend to be at higher risk for offering less-than-safe moving services.

The best way to find honest reviews is to use a third-party website like Google Places or Yelp. Both websites utilize third-party methods of verifying reviews. Yelp, for example, will also remove fake reviews or ones posted by fictitious parties.

2. Avoid Unrealistic Estimates

One quality of a reliable moving company is the ability to give reasonable estimates. While some companies can provide more value per dollar than others, estimates that are unrealistically low will tend to act as a warning sign that the moving company in question is less than honest.

The best way to avoid unrealistic estimates is to shop around. This will allow you to acquire numerous estimates, which in turn can help you determine estimates that seem to be unreasonable.

When you do identify an odd estimate, ask questions to that company. This will help you find satisfactory answers or the motivation to find a more reliable moving company.

3. Incomplete Documents

Any reliable moving company should offer you complete documents. These should be completed before and after your move, but never during it.

The reason these documents need to be completed fully is because they protect both you and the moving company. They limit the moving company’s liabilities to reasonable extents while ensuring that you should have some measure of protection against unreasonable damages, losses and so forth.

If a moving company ever tells you to complete documents during the hectic moving process, or they relent on having the documents completed before the moving process begins, then you should seek another moving company if only to best protect yourself and your belongings.

4. Avoid Red Flags

Dishonest moving companies will typically showcase a number of red flags. If you notice any of these, make sure that you don’t walk away; you should run!

These red flags include:

  • Missing an inspection or estimate before beginning the move.
  • An absence of DOT information, including the company name, physical address or licensing information.
  • The mover demanding a large deposit before beginning.
  • Incomplete or blank documents.
  • New moving estimates for any reason at the day of your move.

Don’t Let Bad Moving Companies Affect You

Bad moving companies tend to be the minority, but it’s important to us that you know how to protect yourself against them. This will ensure that your belongings stay with you after successfully making their trip to your new home.

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