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Moving Boxes

There Is More to Moving Boxes than Just Packing

Did you know that there is a science to determining how many moving boxes you will need for your upcoming move to, within, or from the Triangle Area? In fact, your professional movers can walk into your home and accurately estimate this number for you. Determining the number on your own gets pretty tricky, though. Below, we provide some insight into packing for your move and how many containers you will need.

Professional Movers Make Packing Easier

Moving BoxesIt is important to remember that every move is unique. So is the number of moving boxes you will need to complete your packing. But using a little math, you can come up with an accurate guess.

Of course, the easiest way to determine your needs is to let the professionals handle your move for you. A pro moving company provides packing services. These services include all of the materials needed to get the job done. In that case, you only pay for what they use. You do not end up with extras taking up space in your new garage or shoved under your bed.

The pros also provide unpacking services. Also, they neatly unpack all of your belongings and take away the used materials for you. When you talk to professional movers, you can decide whether you choose full-service packing and unpacking, partial services or to do it all yourself. If you do decide to pack your own household, the average number of boxes for such a move is 60. We explain more about this number, below.

Factors in Guessing How Many Moving Boxes You Need

There are multiple factors that determine precisely how many boxes you need for your Triangle Area move. These factors include:

  • Square feet in your home
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of people living in the home
  • Your lifestyle, whether you are a pack rat, minimalist or in between
  • Years spent in your current home

Importance of Good Quality Moving Boxes

Many people attempt to move their household using free boxes found at garbage dumpsters or their workplace. Others ask friends for leftover boxes from their recent relocation. But it is important to know that the condition of the boxes you use makes a big difference in your move. You can suffer more damage to your personal belongings if you use boxes in poor condition. Also, you can even suffer injury.

You should invest in authentic moving boxes for your move. These specially designed boxes are sturdy and made to endure the strain of holding many items. Also, the cardboard is specially crafted and configured for the relocation and transportation industry. Moving boxes have specific benefits including:

  • Clean and free of infestations
  • Strong without any weakened areas
  • Dry and free of water damage, mold growth and grease spots

Standard moving boxes come in a range of sizes. These sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. Beyond standard sizes, it is also important to buy moving boxes made specifically for what you will pack into them.

Specific types of specialty moving boxes include

  • Wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes
  • Dish barrel boxes with double-wall reinforcement
  • Book boxes made for heavy books
  • Mirror and picture boxes for your framed artwork
  • Corrugated wine shipping boxes with special paper inserts
  • TV moving boxes according to your TV size
  • Lamp boxes for lamps, vases, sculptures and golf clubs

Estimating the Number of Boxes According to Room Count

Using room count is one of the best ways to estimate the number of moving boxes you need for packing your whole home. Some examples of this style of estimating include

  • Studio apartment – 42 medium to extra-large boxes, including four wardrobe boxes
  • One bedroom apartment – 51 medium to extra-large boxes, including four wardrobe boxes
  • Two bedroom apartment – 70 medium to extra-large boxes, including five wardrobe boxes
  • Three bedroom house – 97 medium to extra-large boxes, including five wardrobe boxes

Calculating number of boxes according to square footage is another method of estimating your packing needs. When you call professional movers, they will ask you the number of rooms in your home or square footage, to develop their own estimate.

Making Your Packing and Moving Go Smoothly with Expert Help

When moving, you have enough to worry about without the stress of estimating moving boxes and then packing for your relocation. Furthermore, hiring professional movers makes so much more sense. Also, they bring their own packing materials and get the work done more quickly and safer than you can on your own.

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