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Move Older Relatives Without The Stress

Move Older Relatives – When older relatives need to move into a new space. The transition can be a stressful one for everyone involved. However, with a little bit of foresight and a few tips. Older relatives do not need to feel worried that a lifetime of memories is going to be mishandled. On top of this, planning around ideas that are known to work can help set expectations for the rest of the family.

Make Moving Less Stressful Move

When the elderly looses a mate

Unfortunately, when accidents happen, there can be a delay in the healing process for older people. Sometimes, this means that they will need to consider moving into a long-term arrangement in the home of a relative.

In these cases, it might not always be an ideal time to move someone’s personal belongings. However, there is a way to do it without added stress. Instead of trying to make a decision about what gets thrown away (besides perishable items).

As well as feeling worried that you might be throwing away something important. You can consider renting a storage unit on a month-to-month basis. Once your relative is feeling better, they can help sort through the boxes and figure out what needs to be in the new residence. Also, what can be given to charity, and which items need to stay in long-term storage until their next move.

Organize a pre-packing party

Are your relative is preparing for the upcoming move? Try to make the event fun for them as well as giving them an opportunity to engage with the new people they will be living with. For example, if you are close with your neighbors or have a tight-knit friend circle.

Have them go to the old residence with you to help pack up your relative’s belongings. In addition to getting a chance to have a pre-welcoming party to the new neighborhood in their old home. Your older relative will appreciate having people know what their life looked like before they moved in with their relatives. Bringing food and giving everyone a heads up about your older relative’s boundaries will also be helpful.

Bring along a lot of extra helpers

Whether you use a professional moving company or not, having extra hands to help with the moving process is usually better for everyone involved. In some cases, this means going to another city and staying overnight in a hotel with your volunteers. Although you and your volunteers may move some items, helping your older relative often means getting them out the door early with their essential belongings so they are out of the way for the moving team. If they insist on being present for the moving day process.

Keeping them engaged and being present will help their stress levels stay low. After all, whether they want to let on or not, your older relative may be feeling out of control emotionally about leaving their beloved home.

Helping with a remote move when you are overseas

Are you are working overseas for an extended period of time? It can be devastating to deal with the worry involved with moving an older relative when you cannot be in the same country. Instead of cleaning up after worst case scenarios, consider contacting the staff of the next location your older relative will be living. For example, a nursing home or long-term residence for seniors will have staff that can help you.

Naturally, this will likely be an out-of-pocket cost. However, the fact that these facilities have employees with background checks and have staff that is pre-screened to work with seniors is often priceless in these types of dilemmas.

In many cases, the management teams will refer someone dependable that works at their facility to help organize the entire move, and they will also work with a professional moving company. Part of the belongings of your relative will go to their new home. Also, the rest can be placed in a storage rental unit.

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