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Moving Tips: Cleaning

Moving Tips: Cleaning

A move to a different home or office often symbolizes a fresh start. Yet, many people don’t put much thought into planning a move. As a result, they pack up literally everything they own, including items they haven’t used for a long time that will likely remain boxed up — perhaps indefinitely — in a garage, attic or other storage area. People also move dirty items with the “intention” of cleaning them after the move is complete. Of course, what’s intended doesn’t always happen and dirty items often stay dirty long after the moving process ends.Why carry around or store items you don’t plan to use or bring dirt into a clean environment?

moving tips Cleaning

Dust and Wash

Take the weekend and clean your home or office from top to bottom before you start packing up items. Not only will doing so reduce dust and dirt when starting fresh at your new location, but you won’t have to deal with the stress of cleaning on top of stresses from unpacking everything and organizing. Additionally, you won’t have to worry through the first few weeks about cleaning items you need immediately, such as bed linens, work and personal clothing or dishes.

Sort and Organize

As you’re cleaning, note any items you don’t currently use, plan to use or really need to keep. Once you’re finished, think about how you want your new home or office to look and where you plan to move everything. Set up boxes and packing supplies in each room and then begin sorting items by their placement at the new location.

Set aside anything that doesn’t have a place in your new living or working environment, such as old clothes, unnecessary paperwork and mail, non-important knickknacks, cracked dishes or broken appliances. Perform this task in each room and then recycle, give away or throw out these items as desired. If you donate anything to charity, request a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

Seal Everything

Moving can be an extremely dirty process given that boxes and items are exposed to dust, dirt, grease and other particles when moved from one location to another in open bed or moving trucks and vans. Use protective materials and containers, such as food-grade plastic wrap, plastic mattress covers, luggage, portable closets and closed plastic bins, to seal everything you own so you don’t have to worry about items getting dirty during the move.

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