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How Portable Storage Units Make Moving and Life Easier

How Portable Storage Units Make Moving and Life Easier

How Portable Storage Units Make Moving and Life Easier

Portable storage units give you extra flexibility when you’re moving your home or business location. On-site, temporary storage simplifies packing and keeps your belongings secure against theft and the weather while you get ready to move.

Small and medium-sized mobile storage units are also a perfect temporary storage solution when you are selling a property and when doing repairs and renovations. They are also useful when you need to do a large-scale cleaning and reorganizing project at your property.

Here’s how portable storage units can make your life easier in more ways than one….

Temporary Storage Delivered to Your Door

A portable mobile storage unit, delivered to your doorstep, can make your life easier when you are moving your home or business to a new location.

We place the storage unit in your driveway or any other suitable location at your property. You then have round-the-clock access to the unit. You retain the key to keep the unit locked and secure.

If packing takes longer than you expect, no problem, you can continue renting the storage unit for as long as you need it on site. Only you store your belongings in the unit, and you are the only person with access to its contents while you rent it.

Once the unit is full, you can continue to store it on-site where we delivered it. Or you can store the unit at our 50,000 square foot warehouse in Apex, NC, or have us move it to your new location, locally, across the country, or anywhere in between.

Once your StorPak unit is delivered, you rent it by the week or month. You can pack the unit yourself at your leisure, or hire our expert moving professionals to help you move your furniture and belongings into the storage unit.

Our StorPak mobile storage units come in 5-foot by 7-foot size and 8-foot by 16-foot size containers. The larger size units are more fully weather-proof and a better choice for longer-term, outdoor storage.

After your storage unit is full, you can keep it at your home or business where we delivered it. Or, you can have us move it to our warehouse, where you have 24/7 access to your storage unit and its contents.

When you keep your storage unit at our warehouse, you have the additional benefit of your belongings staying in a climate-controlled, secure, indoor environment.

If you use a StorPak storage unit for moving, you also have more flexibility when you unpack at your new location. Having temporary storage on-site makes it easier to take your time while you unpack and get organized at your new place.

Multiple Uses for Portable Storage Units

Mobile storage containers come in handy for more than packing and moving. They are also useful when you’re doing:

  • Staging for a home sale

Temporary storage units provide secure, on-site storage of household furniture and belongings while you have your house staged for sales photos and open-house real estate days.

  • Interior painting projects

Painting the entire interior of your home or business is a lot easier with an empty space to begin with. Attain the extra storage area you need when you can move your belongings into mobile storage units on-site. That way you still have access to your possessions during the project.

  • Remodeling projects

Temporary on-site storage keeps your belongings clean of dust and debris. As well as safe from other damage when you are doing remodeling at your property.

  • Clean-up and reorganization

Are you doing some serious spring cleaning and or deep reorganization? Whether it be in your home, garage, workshop, office, or business, a portable storage units can be of monumental importance. They assist in creating a much more manageable job. Creating easy-to-access additional empty storage space to work with.

  • College and military moves

Is someone in your family going off to college or entering the military? A temporary storage unit can store all sorts of things. Such as personal belongings, furniture, exercise and sports equipment, and so much more.

  • Seasonal storage

Many people also use temporary storage units for storing items such as displays, equipment, and other supplies. If you have equipment that you only use seasonally or a few times per year, why not safely & conveniently place it in a mobile unit?

Portable, temporary storage is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to store your household or business. You can store your belongings for any reason and for any length of time.

Portable storage units give you full-time access to your stored items. Additionally, it keeps them safe, secure, and out of the weather.

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