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Three Tips To Jump-Start Your Moving Process

professional moving companyThree Tips To Jump-Start Your Moving Process

It’s estimated that one in every six Americans moves to a new home each year, and that the average American will move about 11.7 times throughout their lifetime. Given these statistics, you’d think that the process of finding a professional moving company would be simple, easy, and stress-free, right? Wrong. Anyone who has made a big move before can tell you that finding the best moving company is possibly more stressful than doing it alone.

The thing is, unless you’re moving to a new house down the street, you’ll probably get really stressed out if you try to do everything yourself. So here are just a few basic tips to get you started on your moving process:

    • First off, it’s very important to get quotes from a few different moving companies — and these quotes should be in-home estimates, rather than online estimates. By showing your local movers how much physical stuff you’ll actually have to move, you’re more likely to get an accurate estimate of the final cost. Although companies are allowed to charge for these estimates, most of them will offer estimates free of charge. And something else you can ask for is a binding estimate — ideally, one that sets a maximum price on what the move will cost. With a binding estimate, a professional moving company isn’t legally allowed to charge more than what was agreed upon.


    • Second, you don’t have to hire a full service moving company in order to minimize your stress. Many people choose to pack up their items themselves (usually organizing boxes by rooms) and have a local moving company take care of the larger items. If you’re someone who needs to have “hands-on” involvement in the moving process in order to feel a little more comfortable, this might be a good idea for you during the moving process.


    • And third, simply being informed and knowing what to expect from a professional moving company is the best way to ensure a smooth move. Talking to trusted friends and neighbors is a great way to hear unbiased reviews of local companies, and asking as many questions as possible will ensure that you don’t get hit with hidden fees after everything is packed up and being transported. Company policies are usually determined by whether the move is taking place in-state or is going to be a multi-state move, so differences in pricing plans and insurance policies are always something to keep in mind.

Ultimately, you want to find a company that decreases your stress levels, rather than adding to them. The best moving companies are often the ones that are sticklers for details, and the ones who are completely honest about all of their fees and policies.

So now we’re turning the conversation to you — what moving process tips do you have for any first-time movers out there? Be sure to let us know in the comments section!

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