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5 Tips for Making Your Summer Move Easier

5 Tips for Making Your Summer Move Easier

In the summer school is out, home sale season is at its peak, and vacation time is plentiful. Meaning many homeowners view summer as the perfect time for a move. That is until they consider the added heat, increased cost, and other challenges associated with a summer move. So whether you’ve chosen your summer move date out of (perceived) convenience or necessity, use these tips as a guide to make your summertime move easier.

1. Start planning now.

Regardless of the heat and other summertime challenges, the summer months, specifically between May and August, are prime moving months. This fact translates into higher moving costs, increased demand for movers, and even less available moving supplies. So one of the best ways you can make your summer move easier is to start preparing as soon as possible.

Try to give yourself at least 2-3 months of prep time before your move if at all possible. So, if your move date is in April, begin planning in May or June. This cushion of extra time will give you a better chance of securing your movers ahead of time, help you manage moving costs, and assist in lowering everyone’s stress levels regarding the move.

As you begin planning, be sure to nail down these tips:

– Exact move date
– Date and time for movers
– Specifics for disconnecting/connecting utilities

2. Book a mover in advance.

Whether you are hauling your belongings yourself or having someone do it for you, you need to book your mover – vehicle and manpower – in advance in the summer. And do yourself a favor and avoid disreputable movers. Check reviews online and ask friends/family for suggestions when it comes to movers. You may pay slightly more for a quality service, but that is exactly what you are paying for – quality and peace of mind. Another benefit of booking in advance is that many mover’s offer discounts for booking in advance, so ask about any available offers at the time that you book your movers.

3. Control the costs of your move.

While moving in the summer is undeniably more expensive than any other time of the year, there are a number of ways you can control the costs of your move. And planning ahead will give you more opportunity to take advantage of the many ways to manage your moving budget. To maximize your budget during a summer move follow these tips:

– Book your movers in advance.
– Ask for discounts on moving trucks, utility services for new homeowners, etc.
– Do as much of your own packing as you can.
– Purge as much of your belongings as you can and only move what you really need.
– Have a yard sale and apply the proceeds to your moving budget.
– Plan your moving date mid-week when rates are the lowest.

4. Begin packing early and do it carefully.

One of the major pitfalls many summer movers run into is running out of time for packing. It’s important to keep in mind that packing is generally the most time-consuming part of a move, and it won’t do itself (unless you have movers doing it for you in which case you’ll need to up your budget).

As you begin planning for your home, survey what you’ll be packing and create a plan for what can be packed first and what needs to wait until last minute. Then be sure to label everything. Packing a little at a time in advance will help reduce the stress of moving, but it can also lead to forgetfulness. Labeling everything well will help you find whatever it is you’re looking for when you inevitably need to get to it.

Also be aware of heat sensitive items. Moving during the summer inevitably means that your belongings will have to sit in the heat at some point or another. Keep electronics with you as much as possible and/or pack items in their original packaging to reduce damage and increase air flow. Avoid packing candles or any other perishables that won’t be able to withstand the extreme temperatures of a moving vehicle.

5. Beat the heat.

While you can’t control the temperature outside on the day of your move, you can follow some important tips to take care of yourself and anyone else helping you move. Start early in the day and avoid being outside during peak heat – 11AM to 4PM. Also be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep the air-conditioner and/or fans on. Wear light clothing and don’t forget sunscreen.

A summer move doesn’t have to break the bank or your resolve. Use these tips to make your summer move easier financially and physically.

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