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Before Moving to Raleigh NC Move to Raleigh

6 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Raleigh NC

Before Moving to Raleigh

Moving can be an incredibly intricate process, as some residents of Raleigh have learned the hard way. A few things to know and consider before moving to Raleigh, North Carolina to ensure that you can have a problem-free time moving and living there.

Let’s explore some help and advice that you will likely find help while trying to make the move to Raleigh.

1. Raleigh is a Great Place to Live

Choosing to move to another city or state is a life changing decision. But what many people have found, moving to Raleigh NC was one of the best decisions they could have made. It has plenty of opportunities for employment and education. It maintains a family oriented atmosphere. There are fierce rivalries between sports teams.

Even the cost of living is low while everything great remains high. This is why Forbes ranked Raleigh 5th out of 10 cities when it listed the best ten cities in America to raise a family.

2. The Weather is Predictable and Accommodating

Raleigh has a shorter winter with temperatures that are usually just below the freezing point of water. The summers are mild with a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The worst parts of the year tend to be in summer. The occasional hurricane and drought do occur, but they tend to be milder due to Raleigh’s geographical features.

Seldom do snow storms occur in Raleigh. They tend to be limited to six inches of snow, which means that Raleigh does not normally shut down when snow happens.

3. Raleigh is Great for Business

Forbes stated that Raleigh has:

Many developing job opportunities
A wealth of educated individuals
Low unemployment
A low cost of creating and maintaining business
Ranked #2 for Best place for Business and Careers

This makes Raleigh the ideal city of go-getters and entrepreneurs. You can easily start and succeed by moving to Raleigh, which further makes this town great.

4. Registering Your Car is Almost Painless

The DMV is located on 3231 Avant Ferry Road in Raleigh. This makes it easy to change your car’s registration so that it stays current, which in turn reduces the legal troubles you might encounter and protects your car.

If you have any questions about registering your vehicle, you can call (919) 816-9128.

5. Before Moving to Raleigh Know About Transportation

Beltline provides a convenient route to and through Raleigh, North Carolina when traveling by car. Capital Area Transit provides bus routes that go throughout Raleigh. Raleigh Amtrak provides train transportation, which is especially useful if you have to commute outside of Raleigh for work.

6. One Last Tip Before Moving to Raleigh

Before moving to Raleigh, ensure that you have your utilities taken care of ahead of time. This will enable you to be comfortable regardless of the time of year, and may prevent many potential problems before you even enter the city limits.

Moving to Raleigh?

Making the decision to move to Raleigh is one of the best decisions you may ever make. There are plenty of job, education and social opportunities, which in turn makes this one of the best cities in America to live.

For more information before moving to Raleigh, NC, contact Movin’ On Movers today. We specialize in making moving simple, efficient and enjoyable.

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