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3 Helpful Moving Tips

Moving Tips –

Moving is an involved process. You need to perform everything from simply packing and labeling to sorting your valuable possessions in logical ways that will protect them while ensuring that you can find them.

The last thing you would want is, after all, to make it so your valuables get damaged or lost during your move. This would defeat the entire purpose of moving them from one place to the next.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can ensure that your most prized and dear possessions remain safe, sorted, and easily decipherable before, during and after your move. Here are 3 Great Moving Tips!

moving tips

1. Moving Tip: Create a Moving Schedule

One of the most important parts of having a good move is to create a schedule that you can stick to. A moving schedule facilitates a good move by helping you to gradually pack every belonging that you need without being forced to rush through the process.

The reason this schedule is so important is because people often underestimate how much effort is involved in the moving process. This coaxes them into putting off packing until the last minute, especially when they have a move that consists of just a “few boxes”, which in turn facilitates rushing and disorganization.

If you have a moving schedule, be sure to follow it. This schedule can work around the basis of rooms, box sizes, or any other premise that you can decide. The important part is that you follow a logical plan to ensure your move is a success.

2. Moving Tip: Pack Your Essentials Together

Everything from toothpaste to toilet paper mark some of the most popular essentials that people move. The problem is that people often group these together with their other items, which in turn is a mistake because they tend to rip open box after box looking for them when they realize that they need them.

When you’re packing, make sure that you create separate boxes for your essentials. These are items that you may need up until you move, which in turn makes your move more successful by keeping them together while keeping your other already packed items organized.

3. Moving Tip: Stay Safe While Packing and Moving

Safety is one of the most important elements of a good move, yet many people neglect it because they rush or simply try to cut corners. This is one of the reason hernias, strains and even broken bones are some of the most common moving injuries.

To stay safe during a move, you should:

  • Always ensure that you pack sensibly. – This means putting small items together, and putting heavy items on the bottom of any packing boxes. You will have boxes that have more manageable weights and centers of gravity, which makes moving easier.
  • Take your time. – Moving is a complex process. Rushing will ensure that this process not only becomes damaging to your goods, but also heightens the chances that you will hurt yourself.
  • Avoid blocking doorways and paths with boxes. – A common mistake many people make while moving is to block doorways, pathways and other avenues with boxes. If an emergency arises, then these boxes could become a hazard for you or someone else.
  • Use help when you need it. – While some people can complete their moves entirely by themselves, most people will need help with their moves. This may be because you have a large amount of things to move, heavy items, or simply because you lack the proper experience in moving. Use professionals when you need their help, as the small investment required often outweighs the costs of an unskilled do-it-yourself mover.

Make Your Next Moving Day a Success

Nothing about moving is easy, as it requires both planning and dedication to stick to the plans that you make. You may be moving hundreds of items in the span of just a day or two, which in turn can be both involved and complex in terms of logistics.

If you have a big move, or you just want to be sure that your move goes well, then contact us for help. At Movin’ on Movers, we have experience with everything from moving people from studio apartments to large, multi-million dollar estates. We can help you with moving from one location to the next with the many moving services we provide.

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