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Perfect Moving Date – Put Careful Thought Into It

Perfect Moving Date – Put Careful Thought Into It

Not much focus goes into a moving date. Oftentimes, we research heavily for a moving service, pick a random date, and give our full attention to packing. Recklessly selecting a moving date is unwise. Emphasize the moving date. Thorough research reveals the best moving date based on season, month, week, day, and time of day. The perfect date saves time, money, and stress.

Choosing a Moving Company Perfect Moving Date

The Best Months & Seasons for a Perfect Moving Date

Mid-to-late autumn, winter, and early spring offer a reasonable window to move. October through April are the months to book. Most moving traffic slows down, so companies have more dates open on the schedule. In turn, you’re likely to pick and book the day and time you desire. The peak slow season are November and December. No one wants to move near the holidays, so you score the best deal.

Meanwhile, May-September is where college students and families move, so selecting the right moving date depends on what’s available on the company’s schedule. You might have to wait longer to move or move earlier than expected, and both resolutions cause more stress than relief for families, couples, individuals, and college students. Still, the weather is nice and interruptions are minimal. The unofficial days of summer, Memorial Day through Labor Day, is the peak season of moving, with beginning and mid-May and the rest of September not far behind.

Beginning, Middle, or End – Perfect Moving Date

Generally, there are four weeks in a month (with the exceptions of months with five Sundays). The opening and closing weeks of each month are the busiest. Home and apartment leases expire during the last week of the month, and new leases at the new home or apartment begin during next month’s first week. The transport from one place to the next occurs heavily during this time. The two weeks in-between are the best times to move. It’s rare leases expire mid-month, so it’s less busy. Avoid moving on holidays, graduations, birthdays, meetings, appointments, and important commitments too.

Weekday or Weekend

Of the seven days available, Saturday and Sunday are in high demand. Children are out of school and parents are not working. It’s the perfect opportunity to move. Unfortunately, everyone else has the same idea. The moving companies know this, and as a result, companies raise their rates. Friday is right behind Saturday and Sunday as the busiest because most people try to move during late afternoon and evening. This gives people the weekend to unpack boxes before the workweek starts. Monday-Thursday eliminates most people due to work and school obligations, hence why costs are lower. Fortunately, fewer people moving means more time devoted to your move.

What Time of Day Are You Moving?

Is it mornings, afternoons, or evenings? Professionals prefer to move early in the morning. The cool temperatures in the morning make it easier to concentrate on loading and unloading boxes. The pros are energetic in the morning because they haven’t used up energy yet. By the time the afternoon and evenings arrive, movers are too tired to give 100% to your moving appointment.

Specifically, select a time between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Everyone is awake, alert, cheerful, and ate breakfast by this window with fewer complaints from both parties. In most cities, rush hour usually slows down or stops during that time. Likewise, night owls should know that evening moves are popular due to completed commitments for the day such as work and school.

Aligning your schedule to fit every item in this article is near impossible. Even if you could, it doesn’t account for unexpected circumstances (i.e., work commitments, weather, and holidays). In closing, the perfect moving date includes nice, yet bearable weather, no school and/or work commitments, no family issues, and no appointments, parties, special days, or meetings.

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