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6 Tips on How to Get Ready for a Move

Get Ready for a Move with These 6 Tips

Especially if you hire a professional moving company, you won’t deal with as much stress. Still, you need to prepare for a move since it can be stressful. At Movin on Movers, we put together this collection of helpful tips to get you ready for your next move. You may feel stressed about the move, but good preparation eliminates 95 percent of the stress.

Get Ready for a Move Tip #1: Roll through a Checklist

Create an inventory of all the items that will go with you on the move. You want to do this far in advance, and Movin on Movers would even recommend up to two months in advance. The checklist organizes your moving efforts so that you know how much tape and bubble wrap to buy.

The checklist ensures that you don’t forget anything. Especially if you will come from afar, you don’t want to accidentally leave something important behind. You might even create checklists for every stage of the move.

Get Ready for a Move Tip #2: Use Technology to Your Advantage

Instead of having to create a checklist with paper, Movin on Movers recommends that you install one of the many moving apps that include a checklist. Some of the best apps to install include:

  • Google Keep
  • Moved
  • MoveAdvisor
  • Dolly
  • magicplan
  • Unpakt

The apps outlined can keep your information straight and make the move more manageable. Especially with the technology that we have in the palm of our hands, it would be a shame if we didn’t use it.

Get Ready for a Move Tip #3: Set a Budget

The national average for moving sits at around $1,400, but it ranges anywhere from $800 to $2,500. Long-distance moves will range from $2,200 to $5,700. Movin on Movers recommends that you set a budget in advance to figure out where to cut and where to splurge.

Remember to keep the budget realistic since you don’t want to set a low budget and find yourself way over due to unrealistic expectations. Better to overestimate and come in under budget than feel surprised at outrageous costs.

Get Ready for a Move Tip #4: How to Make a Move Cheaper

Talking about the extra costs of moving, let’s take a look at where you can save money on moving. Many times, you can find places to pick up free boxes, so you shouldn’t pay for boxes. Check the local hospitals or businesses. Beware of having too many people helping you pack. Not only will this often cost you more, but you’ll struggle to find your stuff once you arrive in Raleigh. You’ll need to check all the boxes.

While you can cut corners in many areas, Movin on Movers would like to highlight one area not to cut corners. For example, don’t buy cheap packing tape. You don’t want the item to fall on your toe or somebody else’s toe—ours—while moving it.

Get Ready for a Move Tip #5: Color Code Your Boxes

You can use color codes to figure out where you put your items. Assign a color for each room, and you can tell Movin on Movers about this color coding system. This will make the move easier for you when you unpack.

You can quickly identify where everything is and where everything belongs. Nothing worse than trying to find an item that you badly need at that moment, but you can’t find it because you didn’t organize your packing.

Get Ready for a Move Tip #6: Buy Insurance

Take stock of the things that you don’t want to risk in a move and move those things yourself. Moves are messy, and things break because you move so much around during this time. You may want to buy insurance to protect your items during the move. Consider the value of the things that you would like to protect. If you buy it off the company, such as Movin on Movers, determine how much property loss they will cover during a move.


Residential moves can stress people out, but hiring an all-inclusive moving company can make the process much easier. This type of company will cover all the services, the materials and the associated costs of the move. If you can’t afford that, even hiring movers for one part of the move will ease the burden. Call Movin on Movers today!


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