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Best Local Moving Companies

Best Local Moving Companies

Best Local Moving Companies

Whether it’s to the other side of the city (83.8% of Americans move within state). While the remaining move across the country (13.2% moved to another state). Moving can be one of the most annoying and frustrating experiences for homeowners and renters alike. It can be hard to find a buddy with a truck willing to block off a whole weekend or so to help you make the trip, which is why many people find the best local moving companies — some even specialize in protecting furniture — to help them with their moving and packing services.

How To Avoid Scams

If the actual moving process wasn’t bad enough there’s also the possibility of fraudulent services, and just terrible local moving companies. That can lead to quite the hassle considering the average American moves 12 times in their life. Also, at 18 you can still expect to move at least nine more times.

A recent article from the business news site,, offers some information and advice when researching potential local moving companies. Here are some of the highlights, which we believe Movin’ On Movers passes with flying colors.

One of the first cautionary tales shared is of a shady business that markets itself as a full service moving company, but actually has no physical attachment to the real world. They offer cheap services that are pay for online, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

An investigation by a consumer adviser found that they subcontract the work out to incompetent workers who usually end up damaging some or all of the stuff being shipped. They’re impossible to keep up with as they constantly change their name and have no physical address location. First rule of local moving companies: Don’t trust a business you can’t find on the map.

What A Professional Moving Company Looks Like

If you can find it on a map (or somewhere in the real world), check and see if it has a license in the U.S. Department of Transportation database. Hint: We are. Finally, it never hurts to check with the Better Business Bureau, and we think you’ll like what they say about us.

Another great point made is that crowdsourced-style review sites like Yelp! can be great resources for getting some idea about how a company operates, but they can also be filled with fake reviews left by the company itself. Read a bunch of them and take everything with a grain of salt. With a keen eye, you should be able to somewhat decipher between true experiences and questionable content.

Getting advice/information from friends and family that have made a recent move and comparing prices are the last couple tips people should utilize. We’re confident that we fit the criteria. Best Local Moving Companies.

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