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Moving In the Winter

mobile storage unit- Moving In the WinterMoving In the Winter – Moving can be stressful enough, but doing so during the wintertime season can add an abundance of additional challenges. Whether you’re moving into a college dorm for next semester, a new house in a new city, or simply cleaning out local or mobile storage units you’ve been putting off, moving in adverse winter conditions requires even more of a game plan than normal.

Even some of the most dedicated local movers will close up shop for a period of time if the weather gets too bad. About 15.3 million households at 2.34 persons (on average) per household move every year. In order to save yourself time, stress, and money here are three tips you should follow if you’re planning a move in the colder months.

Plan Ahead

This one is as important as it should be obvious. It goes beyond just arranging for a mobile storage unit or planning out a day and time when family/friends are available to help. Weather should be the first thing to look at when moving in the winter. The difference between a clear day in the mid 30s (Fahrenheit) and any sort of blustery snowfall or temperatures closer to zero can make or break the entire project.

Aside from making sure the conditions are reasonable, planning ahead should entail immediate accommodations as well. Something as simple as shoveling a walkway and throwing down some salt will go a long way to making the moving process more efficient.

Dress Appropriately

It should go without saying but moving from a car, truck, or mobile storage unit means you’ll be spending a good deal of time outdoors walking to and from. Warm clothes are a must, as well as gloves, which will not only keep your hands warm, but the right pair will help grip boxes and packing supplies. If you’re moving to an entirely unfamiliar area this becomes even more important as you never know how/when the weather might change.

Of all Americans who move (about 35.9 million), 83.8% move within the same state, 13.2% moved to a different state, and 0.33% moved from the US to another country. Dressing in layers allows you to shed pieces you may not need, especially after your blood starts flowing from all that moving.

Strategic Packing

Don’t pack away winter supplies like brushes, shovels, and gear you might immediately need. Another thing to make sure of to make the first night easier is to pack blankets last, so that way they’re the first things out. After a long, hard day moving in the cold you’re probably going to want nothing more than to curl up in a warm blanket and fall asleep.

The average American moves about 12 times in their lifetime; if one of yours happen to take place during the winter season, follow these tips and you’ll be off to a good start.

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