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Cross-Country Move

After a Cross-Country Move: Top 7 Steps to Take

You’ve moved from one coast to another. The shift may have been for work or family purposes. Regardless of the reason, you’re now standing in a new property with boxes surrounding you. Take the proper steps to move in without too much stress. There are certain details that should be taken care of immediately following your cross-country move.

1. Immediately Following Your Cross-Country Move Take A Moment To Account for All of Your Belongings

Cross-country moves require a transition of every belonging from your previous home. You don’t want anything to be left behind. Ideally, numbering your boxes before the move will make the organization easier at the new property.

As soon as the movers finish removing the boxes from the truck, account for every box that you numbered. If you notice anything missing, you can speak to the movers now. It’s not unheard of for a box to be overlooked at the back of the truck, for example.

2. Unpack the Kitchen First

It’s impossible to unpack everything at once. Focus on pulling out a few essentials, such as plates and utensils, in the kitchen. This area will be the busiest space even if you’re ordering takeout food for the first few days.

Don’t worry about unpacking the bedrooms at first after your long cross-country move. You probably packed a small bag of essentials, including your pajamas and toothbrush, so use these items at bedtime until unpacking is possible in the other rooms. Strategic unpacking will reduce stress on everyone’s parts.

3. Survey Each Room

The movers set your boxes into their corresponding rooms. The rest of the unpacking is up to you and the rest of the family. Before you casually open a box, take a look at the surrounding room. Verify if the light switches work, and if there are any signs of an infestation. From the moment that you unpack, you might cover up issues that need to be addressed. Focus on each room’s structural integrity before setting up the bed frame and other items.

4. Deal With the Paperwork

Remember to change your address with the post office. This step is one of the most important ones to prioritize. As you complete this process, consider car registration, phone, Internet and television contracts. You may need to set up all of these services so that your household can operate normally once again after your cross-country move. Most new homes will only have the electricity and gas already in operation for the tenants or residents.

5. If You’ve Made A Big Cross-Country Move With Furry Friends Remember, This Is Your Pets New Home Too. Take Time To Introduce Them To It

If you have dogs or cats that traveled from the previous home, they may have been cooped up inside the new house for a few days. Try to introduce them to the yard. It’s always a good idea for the pets to learn about the new area so that they have a level of familiarity. If a pet accidentally leaves the home, it can find its way back to the property. They just need some safe time in the yard to get their bearings.

6. Discover the Neighborhood

Take time off from unpacking by exploring the neighborhood. Go to a neighborhood gathering or visit a local museum. Walk around downtown as you shop within the small businesses. Everyone needs a break from the unpacking at some point. The outing may be as simple as seeing a movie at the local theater. Enjoy the neighborhood so that you’re familiar with it in little time.

7. Set up the Essentials

Focusing on the home is a priority, but branch out to other tasks. Sign your children up at their local school. Research primary-care doctors in the area too. These essentials will make you feel more grounded in the neighborhood as you settle in.

If anyone in your household has special needs, such as a chronic condition, be aware of emergency services and specialty doctors in your area. You want to be prepared in your new home if an issue arises.

Remind yourself that there are no real deadlines after a big move. Certain rooms might be chaotic with boxes until you have a chance to complete the unpacking. Schedule your time so that everyone and everything will eventually be back to normal. Enjoying your new home can be the priority for the rest of your time at this property.

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