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Moving Under Short Notice: 5 Hacks To Help

The best-case scenario for a big move is to have at least four weeks of preparation. The process of sorting, organizing, and packing all your possessions is a daunting task that takes time to do correctly. Of course, life doesn’t always cooperate with an ideal timeline and you may find yourself moving under short notice. If you need to organize a move under a very tight deadline, follow these five moving hacks to make your life easier.

1. Moving Under Short Notice? Separate Simply- Keep, Donate, & Throw Away

The most important guideline is not to pack anything you don’t genuinely need. Go over every single item you own and evaluate how frequently you use it and whether it’s worth the effort of taking it with you. Divide your belongings into three piles of items to keep, items to donate and items to throw away. Organizing under a time crunch can be overwhelming, so stay focused and work room by room.

2. Get Rid Of As Much As Possible When You Find Yourself Moving Under Short Notice

Any item that will be donated or thrown away needs to be removed from the home altogether before the packing process can begin. You will feel tremendous relief as you see the house getting noticeably emptier, which will fuel your motivation to persevere with the packing process. Remember that items you will donate to charity should be in good condition, such as gently used clothing and useable household goods.

Find out if any local charity can organize a pick up from your home. Everything that can’t be donated should get thrown away, and you might also want to look into a junk disposal company. They will be more than happy to take that task off your hands, which can save you time and energy.

3. Make A Kit Of Essentials To Put Aside During A Rapid Move

Before you pack away all your belongings, think ahead to what you will need to have immediately accessible once you arrive at your new place. Pack yourself a couple of changes of clothing, along with basic needs like hygiene products, your laptop, important chargers, and even snacks. Having these items readily available to you will reduce stress and allow you a smoother moving experience. You also want to put aside any important paperwork, such as birth certificates, life insurance cards, etc. These items are too valuable to be trusted in a box and should stay with you at all times.

4. Gather Your Short Notice Move Supplies

Now that you’re ready to pack everything that remains, remember that being organized is your only hope for staying sane. Make yourself a Moving Checklist to guide your progress. The first item on the list will be getting plenty of moving supplies, including boxes, tape, packing material, and the crucial tools of sharpies and labels. Along with the standard cardboard cartons, you should consider getting some large plastic tubs, which can be useful for non-fragile items like shoes or linens.

5. Simplify- Group Items By Room & By Category

Coordinate your packing to keep items from each room together and be mindful of components like removable cords. Use a transparent labeling system as you go along, both by room and by category. You want to pack your belongings according to a system that will make sense to you later during the unpacking process.

One hack is that your luggage is an excellent tool for packing clothing. Make sure you utilize this asset, rather than treating it as another item that needs to be packed away. Follow your checklist and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing off items as you make progress. Remain focused by packing room by room until everything is ready for your movers to come in and work their magic.


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