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How to Declutter Your Home Before a Move

So, you’re ready to start packing up to move out of your old home and into a new place. Chances are, your plan is to throw all of your items into boxes, label them and stack them up for the movers to take. But, wait! Moving from one residence to another is the perfect time to declutter. This helps you to start your new life without items you no longer use. Discover how to declutter your home before moving and why it’s a smart idea to do it now.

Why is it Beneficial to Declutter Your Home Before a Move?

Avoid Moving What You Don’t Have To

When you declutter before a move, you give or throw away items you no longer use instead of packing them into boxes and taking them with you. This reduces the total amount of time you spend packing up your home. In addition, it makes the unpacking process easier.

Free Up Space in Your New Place

When you get rid of items you don’t need, declutter, you have more space in your new home for other things. Instead of having a basement full of boxes of books, clothing, games and other items, you’ve space to setup a ping-pong table, an entertainment center or even a home office.

Make the Move Less Stressful

Getting rid of clutter instead of taking it to your new place means you don’t have to find a place for these unnecessary items. You have less work to do setting up after unpacking all of your boxes.

A Simple Process for Decluttering Each Room in Your Home

Preparing for the Task

The first step of decluttering a room is to gather up the necessary materials. You need a box of garbage bags, a gathering of cardboard boxes, a black marker, a stack of note cards and clear tape. To begin with, get out two garbage bags and a cardboard box. With the marker, label one card with the word garbage, another card with the word donation. Tape one card to each garbage bag. Next, write the name of the room on one of your cardboard boxes.

Sorting Your Items

The second step involves sorting the items in a room. If you are in a bedroom start with a closet. Take one item out at a time and decide which bag it belongs in. If you want to keep it, pack it in the cardboard box. If it’s broken or damaged, put it in the bag that will be thrown out. If an item still has life in it, put it in the donation bag.

What to Keep and What to Set Free

If you have trouble deciding what to do with an item, think about how much you use it. For instance, if you haven’t worn an item of clothing for six months or more, it’s best to give it away. If you don’t remember why you kept something, it’s best to give it away if it’s still in usable condition. Items you’re going to use should go right into a packing box so they’re ready to be moved.

Get the Bags to Their Destinations

Put the boxes you pack into a corner of the room, so the movers can get to them easily. It’s best to get the trash and donation bags to their destinations as soon as possible. You don’t want to end up simply pushing them back into the closet. So, put your trash bags out into the garbage cans right away. As for the donation bags, if you aren’t going to the used clothing store or Goodwill right away, put the bags into your car’s trunk. That way, you can drop them off on your next trip out.

Lastly, when you see the bags of items start to leave your home either to be thrown out or given away, you’ll feel a sense of relief. Getting rid of old, unnecessary items can set the stage for your new life in a different area.

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