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How To Pack Your Collections For A Move

How To Pack Your Collections For A Move

Everyone dislikes moving. We are between our old comfort zone and our new one. The house is being packed up and the power is only on for a couple more hours. We’re hungry but all the food is packed up. We are tense because we want the move to go off without a hitch. Even the dog is subdued.

One of the things about moving day worries you. How To Pack Your Collections For A Move – Movinon Movers You don’t want them to go on the truck, but the car will be full of things the moving company won’t allow on the truck. Even if you have to make two trips, your collections are worth the care you take. Here are a few tips on how to pack your collections so they make the move without harm.

Before You Pack

Whether your collections consist of stamps, rare first editions, paintings, sculpture, model trains, planes, and cars, rare coins, gold coins, or porcelain dolls, you should first consider the climate. Will your collections survive the heat inside the moving truck? Your home is temperature-controlled. The truck won’t be.

The next thing to do is inventory your collections. You’ve already done this if items such as precious stones, paintings, coins, and stamps are insurable. If not, then you’ll need to know the scope of your collections. Then you’ll know what you’ll need to pack them.

Go through your collection and clean the pieces. If there are items you no longer care for, then sell them or donate them. Take pictures of the whole collection from every angle possible. This will alert you to damage following the move, stolen pieces, or something for which you’ll make insurance claims.

Save receipts, documents such as provenances and authenticity documents. Keep these with the collections. Back up everything. If this means hard copies, or spreadsheets on the computer, then back it up.

If your collections are well documented, insured, and backed up, then it’s time to pack them.

Packing Your Collections

You want to get your collections to the new house in one piece. You’ll need Fragile, Glass, This Side Up, and Handle With Care stickers. Any moving company or storage company will have those. You’ll need markers, boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. You can also use household linens, blankets, fluffy winter coats, and towels to add padding to the boxes of collectibles.

Make a master list of the collections. Note into which box you put each piece. For example, say you have a model plane with a large wingspan. This will go into box one of however many boxes it takes. You’ll fill it with half packing peanuts, wrap the plane carefully in bubble wrap if you don’t want to take it apart, and fill the box the rest of the way with packing peanuts. Place the Fragile, This Side Up, and Handle With Care stickers on the box, and then move on to the next piece.

Tip: Silica packets will help keep the contents moisture-free.

If your collection consists of rare first editions, stamps, porcelain dolls or other delicate items, then packing becomes more thoughtful. You’ll need to protect them from heat and humidity.

Most stamp collections, for instance, reside in books or frames. Packing these compasses acid-free wrapping paper inside a box. Rare first editions require more care to move. Line the box with towels or bubble wrap. Wrap each book in household linens or bubble wrap. Place a panel of stiff cardboard between each book to prevent moving. Place more padding atop the books before you seal the box. Use Fragile, This Side Up, and Handle With Care stickers on the boxes. Note which books are in which box on your master list.

Ceramics, glass figurines, and porcelain dolls or other porcelain collectibles simply require bubble wrap, lining the box with packing peanuts or household linens before packing the box. Write which pieces are in which box on your master list. Label the box with Fragile, Glass, This Side Up, and Handle With Care stickers.

You’re ready to go, now. Bon voyage!

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