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Finding quality local moving companies and mobile storage units can seem like a daunting task. Considering the average person moves 12 times in their life, virtually everyone in the United States. (and probably abroad) Either has their own or has heard various horror stories that involve a moving company.

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Overall, about 15.3 million households at 2.34 persons per household move every year. Broken heirlooms lost luggage, and stolen property altogether are just a couple of the unfortunate incidents. You or someone you know might have complained about with a buddy or family member.

The latest real-world example of why looking for a high-quality moving company like Movin’ On Movers is so important stems from nearby Virginia before ultimately ending in Texas. Virginia is where the Cunningham family started their move from this past October. Also, became one of the 1.55% of people that move to a different state. According to the Baytown-area ABC affiliate

Chelsey Cunningham recalls agreeing to pay a Florida-based moving company $1,500 for their journey across half the continental United States. She paid $1,000 upfront with the understanding that $500 would be paid after the move.

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As time went on though, more and more ‘fees’ and surprise charges started cropping up. It got so bad that it got to the point that she’s paid them $1,800 at the time of this writing. As one probably would have guessed, the moving company still hasn’t provided the service they’re allegedly in business to do.

On top of the money they’ve already paid them, the moving company is demanding another $935 or else they will auction off her belongings. It’s been three months and the Cunningham’s are still fighting the bill.

Chelsey’s two daughters, seven and three years of age, are left to sleep on an air mattress and plastic cot while they wait for their possessions. As of January 6 they still had the Christmas decorations up. Some of the only things they brought with them themselves, if for nothing else than comfort.

“Christmas is happy times. If it were bare like it was before, I think I would cry every night,” Cunningham said. “Everything warm that we have is in storage.”

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Movin’ On Movers is a Better Business Bureau accredit and affordable moving company with dedicated local movers ready to assist you with service and a smile. According to Dan Parsons, President of the Houston area BBB, that’s one of the biggest things people can do to protect themselves.

“Getting the right one is not hard,” Parsons said. “It takes your due diligence and lots of research, reviews, the BBB report, even, what I would call some renegade sites that get on there and say here is our experience.”

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