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Making The Most Out Of Each Box

Making The Most Out Of Each BoxMaking The Most Out Of Each Box

Boxes can only hold so much stuff, meaning you have to make sure that you maximize the limited space you have. Improperly packed boxes not only waste space but could actually damage – even destroy – the items you place in them.
So without further ado, here are a few tips to help make the most out of each box used for packing stuff:

Prepare stuffing materials

Make sure you have a lot of old newspaper, bubble wrap and/or Styrofoam bits with you. These will allow you to bulk up the boxes and prevent your stuff from rattling around during the move.

Take the jigsaw approach

Try positioning items into each box so that they ‘lock’ with each other like jigsaw pieces. This minimizes the need for stuffing while maximizing the utilized space.

Balance out weight

Make sure each box is light enough for you to carry without too much trouble. Avoid putting too much weight in one box as unpacking the thing will become a nightmare.

Categorize and label

Organize the contents of the boxes so that they fit into a room of your house – i.e. kitchen utensils, toiletries, repair tools etc. Personal items should also be labeled according to their owners.

Reinforce the seals

That’s a fancy term for slapping on some packaging tape on all the flaps of the boxes. This prevents the contents of the boxes from spilling out in case they get moved about during the move.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll find that boxing up stuff won’t be as much of a headache as you thought!

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