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Tips for Packing Electronics

Tips for Packing Electronics

Packing Electronics

Computers, video game consoles, DVD players, speaker systems and other electronics can be a massive headache to move because of their weight, their frailty and their complicated wirings. If you have electronics you need to move around, then these tips on packing electronics will help make the move easier on your end:

Snap photos of the wires and setups

The very first thing you need to do before dismantling your electronics is to take photos of the wiring and setup. Make sure to turn on the flash of your camera or to provide plenty of light so that you’ll see exactly how to reassemble your electronics once you take them apart. Print those pictures and slap them on the boxes if possible to help make it easier for others to put the gadgets back together.

Use heavy twist ties to keep wires in place

Tangled wires are hell to deal with, but twist ties will help solve that problem. Just loop the wires around each other and use the twist ties to secure them in place. This will also allow you to sort them by set and store them with the electronics they match up to. You can also use cable organizers or heavy rubber bands if you want to.

Find the original documentation and packaging

Manuals, warranty forms, original boxes and original foam stuffing can do a world of good for your electronics when you move them. The boxes and stuffing will help secure the stuff in place while packing the documentation in the boxes of the devices allows you to easily look them up when something gets broken or isn’t quite right.

Keep these tips in mind to make packing electronics a painless affair!

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