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4 Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid

4 Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid

While moving can occur just once in a lifetime or on a monthly basis, one thing is for certain: it is no light task.

There are are number of precautions that must be taken to ensure that your property remains unharmed and present when you move from one home to another.

To help you ensure that your next move is as successful as possible, let’s examine some of the most common DYI moving mistakes that individuals tend to make.

ready for a move Moving Mistakes

Moving Mistake #1 – Packing Only Affects the Beginning of Your Move

Many movers, whether they be the do-it-yourself or the professional type, think that packing only affects the beginning of the move. The truth couldn’t be farther from this.

How you pack will determine how easy it is to unpack and how safe your items are once they reach your destination. A poor packing job, for example, can lead to valuable kitchenware becoming smashed and broken in transit.

When you’re packing, here are some tips to make your pre- and post-move work better:

  • Pack like size and weight items together.
  • Don’t try to fit everything in one box.
  • Label your boxes on every side.
  • Use the right packing tape to keep your packages secure.
  • Packing supplies, such as bubble wrap and mattress protectors, keep your items significantly safer than if you didn’t use them.

Moving Mistake #2: Thinking You Can’t Afford Professional Help

Another common mistake is the fact that most people try to move themselves because they think that they cant’ afford the help of professional movers. This type of thinking is incorrect because:

  • The peace of mind a professional moving company provides is worth the price.
  • Professional movers tend to prevent significantly more damage than amateur movers.
  • People with more than a room of items will save time and money by utilizing the help of professionals and their equipment.
  • Items packed into a truck tend to be safer when done so by movers because they know how to properly and efficiently store items for a move.
  • Movers can unload their truck for you, which can make an exhausting trip significantly less tiring.

When you play with the numbers, you’ll find that the price of a professional mover tends to be less than what you would have to spend in your time and the time of your friends and family.

Moving Mistake #3: Driving a Truck is Simple

The biggest mistake most do-it-yourself movers make is made during the actual move: they rent a truck and assume that driving it will be simple.

Driving a truck becomes harder as the truck itself becomes larger. A pickup truck may be manageable for most people, but a box van truck requires the use of mirrors and proficiency with driving in reverse to make moves easier.

The same problem extends to moving trailers. They must be secured to the vehicle, and anything on the trailer must be secured. One point of failure can make for catastrophic results.

Most damage during a DIY move occurs as the result of improper truck driving and utilization.

Professional movers can utilize trucks ranging in 10 to 26 feet in length, which in turn can be enough for anything from a small apartment move to moving an entire household with several large items.

Moving Mistake #4: Don’t Injure Yourself During a Move

The reason professional movers tend to be safer during moves is because they have a substantial amount of experience and safety guidelines when it comes to moving. This allows them to avoid the same accidents that plague amateur movers.

Consider something as simple as moving heavy boxes: one wrong lift can result in a pulled muscle or a torn tendon, which can make the rest of your move more dangerous and more difficult than it should be. You may then need to pay hefty medical bills to treat an injury that will never fully heal while taking time off work.

Professional movers can use their experience to avoid injuries while ensuring that your body stays safe. This makes your move less stressful and costs you less money.

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If there’s one thing you should take away from this blog, it’s that moving isn’t an easy task for anyone. That’s why we offer our services to customers like you at reasonable prices.

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