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Relocating Your Business

Advantages of Commercial Movers for Relocating Your Business

A commercial moving company knows that moving a business is not quite the same as relocating a residential household.

When businesses relocate, owners, managers, and staff often have concerns about safely and securely transporting the equipment, machinery, furnishings, and documents vital to their job.

Commercial movers like Movin’ On Movers in Apex, North Carolina are experts in relocating your business. The details of relocating all types of businesses, across town or the country.

Here are some of the advantages you will find when you hire an experienced professional mover like Movin’ On Movers to help you relocate your business.

A Dedicated Contact Person

A moving coordinator is trained and experienced moving professional who oversees your business moving experience from start to finish.

Your moving coordinator assures your business of a seamless flow of communication between you and your movers and gives you ready access to one person if problems arise or schedules change.

Having a dedicated moving coordinator with a commercial moving company helps you plan, organize, and execute your move with the least disruption to your business and staff. Your moving coordinator also provides you with a fast resolution when you have questions or concerns during your move.

Help with the Heavy Stuff

We help in relocating your business and move the heavy stuff so you don’t have to. Most moves involve lifting, loading, and unloading heavy items, but this is especially true with business relocations. Some of the most common heavy items movers deal with in a business move are

– desks
– heavy file cabinets
– copy machines
– servers
– box loads of documents
– large shelving units
– industrial machinery

A commercial moving company has the trained staff, furniture dollies, hand trucks, moving vans, moving blankets, padding, and crates needed to move these types of items safely.

Special Care for Fragile Items

Computers and electronic equipment are only some of the fragile items businesses often need to move when they relocate.

In your business move, you may need to transport medical devices, laboratory equipment, expensive artwork, musical instruments, or other fragile or delicate items. You want a commercial moving company with trained staff, moving equipment, and moving vans to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Commercial movers know about packing computers, monitors, hard-drives, and other electronics. They also have sturdy boxes and a variety of cushioning and protective wrapping materials for you to use.

Commercial moving crews also understand the importance of securing these items in the moving van and handling them with care as they are unloaded, unpacked, and set up for work at the new location.

Climate-Controlled Warehouse Storage

Many business moves involve short or long-term storage of some or all of the business belongings during the move. When you need to store sensitive documents, electronics, and office furniture, you want a climate-controlled warehouse.

Hiring a commercial mover that also offers warehousing services gives you a significant advantage if you need to store some or all of your business property as you relocate.

Utilizing storage space provided by your moving company makes it easy to have stored items delivered to you later or in stages as you set up your new office or business location.

Excellent security, fire protection, and dust and humidity controlled environment are the biggest advantages of using a commercial storage facility.

Hiring Commercial Movers in North Carolina

Movin’ On Movers has been serving the businesses and residents of North Carolina since 1983, offering:

– Experienced and professional staff,
– 50,000 square feet of 24/7 secure access, climate-controlled warehouse storage space
– The special know-how and equipment to help you with any commercial move you need to make.

Contact Movin’ On Movers today at (919) 362-8355 for an estimate on your next commercial move.

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