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Short Distance Move Easier

Tips for Making a Short Distance Move Easier

Tips for Making a Short Distance Move Easier

Moving a short distance often feels like as much work as moving across the country. The truth is, short moves do take almost as much effort as a longer move.

Even if you are moving your home or business around the corner, you still need to pack every drawer full of papers, disassemble and reassemble large pieces of furniture, carefully pack electronic equipment, and so much more.

If you have tons of time, friends with strong backs, and access to a truck or van, you might be able to make a short distance move on your own for less cost than hiring a reliable mover.

But don’t forget to factor in the cost of taking time off work, renting a moving truck, paying for gas, and taking your friends out to dinner for helping you.

However, most people do not have either the extended time, the right type of transport, or the necessary moving equipment to move their household or business, even a short distance.

The easiest way to make a short distance move is to hire reliable local movers to help you.

Local Movers for Your Short Distance Move

If you are moving nearby in the North Carolina Triangle area of Raleigh/Durham, Movin’ on Movers in Apex is uniquely situated and equipped to help you with a short distance move.

Whether you are moving from Morrisville to Cary or Holly Springs to Durham, Movin’ on Movers knows the landscape, local weather, traffic, and road conditions to get your belongings quickly from your current home to your new location.

Local, reliable moving companies also have the experienced staff to help with packing if you like, and the moving supplies – like boxes, packing tape, and labels – you need to get ready for your move before the moving truck arrives.

You can feel peace of mind, knowing that a reliable and experienced expert mover is assisting you with packing and transporting your valuables, even if your destination is only a short distance away.

Short Distance Movers Help with the Heavy Stuff

Even if you are moving next door, your move may require lifting and carrying heavy furnishings like:

– Couches
– Large safes
– Heavy mirrors
– Pool tables
– Hot tubs
– Antique furniture
– Pianos

Moving these types of items without damage to the items or injury to helpers is a big challenge for most people. Special moving equipment owned by local movers makes moving these items much easier and safer.

Moving is stressful enough with all of the other things you need to get done, like notifying everyone about your new address, cleaning your old house, and getting utilities and services set up at your new location.

Hiring a local mover to help you makes any move less stressful and faster, so you can get on with your life and start enjoying your new location.

Tips for Making a Short Distance Move Easier

Even when you hire a local mover to help you, there’s still a lot for you to do to make moving day go as smoothly as possible.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for your short or long-distance move.

– Sort carefully through your belongings, and get rid of anything you don’t need, so you don’t waste time and money packing and moving it.

– Make back-up files for your electronic documents. Then unplug and wipe down computers and other electronic equipment. Rolling up and labeling power cords makes it easier to set up your electronics at your new location.

– Defrost and clean out refrigerators and freezers.

– Use up perishable foods as much as possible before you move.

– Separate or label fragile items for special care during packing and transport.

– Pack personal items for each family member. Include personal hygiene items, bedding, clothing, children’s favorite toys, pet food and bowls, medications, first aid kit, and essential personal documents, including back-up files for your computers. Keep these items with you as you relocate.

Short distance moves are no easier than any other move. Make your transition as simple and low-stress as possible by hiring a reliable, local moving company to help you whenever and wherever you move.

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