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3 Benefits of Having a Self Storage Facility for Extra Belongings

self storage3 Benefits of Having a Self Storage Facility for Extra Belongings

A self storage facility is an excellent option for anyone who needs a little more space for things, or for a family moving into a new home.

Moving from place to place is a pretty common occurrence in the United States. On average, about 15.3 million households have an average of 2.34 persons per home move every year. About 83% move within the same state; 13% to a different state; and 0.33% to another country entirely. Though the majority will stay in the same general region, moving can still be quite an ordeal.

Whether you’re planning for an upcoming move or just need some extra space, a secure self storage facility is a great place to start. Here are three reasons why.


Quality self storage facilities have 24-hour secure storage buildings available. Leaving your belongings in a place with anything less is simply irresponsible. Though you might feel nervous keeping grandma’s jewelry there. Self storage facilities are great for keeping big items like a new couch you plan to put in your new place.

Weather Protection

Weather, climate, and everyday conditions are crucial to the preservation and integrity of certain items. Even the slightest bit of moisture or exposure to extreme elements can do a great deal of harm. By keeping your things in a self storage unit, you don’t have to worry about leaking ceilings, fluctuation in temperature, or anything else that might do harm.

Convenience and Efficiency

With the ability to come and go as you please self storage centers give you the luxury of additional space and temporary holding locations without the hassle of having to coordinate schedules. The average American moves about 12 times in their life. That’s a lot of times to ask someone to house your stuff for you.

Self Storage Facility – Self storage units are easy, cost-effective, and a great way to save yourself time during a move, or free your living space up.

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