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Packaging Fragile Materials

Tips for Packaging Fragile Materials

Packaging Fragile Materials

Packaging Fragile Materials – The last thing you want to see when you open your boxes are crushed glasses, cracked pottery and broken antiques. These tips will help ensure that your fragile possessions make it through the move in one piece:

Prepare fragile labels

Believe it or not, professional movers tend to treat boxes labeled fragile with more care than boxes without the label. Buy a few stickers or print out your own and use clear adhesive tape to attach them to the boxes. Make sure to use large fonts and bright red colors so people can easily see the labels.

Get lots of old newspaper

Old newspaper is a surprisingly effective cushioning material for fragile materials. Not only will it protect the materials against some impact but can also be scrunched into balls of different sizes. These balls can be squeezed into various shapes and sizes – allowing you to brace the fragile material and prevent it from bouncing all over the place.

Wrap scratch-prone materials with bubble wrap

Old newspaper is a great stuffing material but it has the tendency to scratch glass and some smooth plastic materials. Gently rolling the item in some bubble wrap will protect it from the abrasive surfaces of newspaper and provides an extra layer of cushioning against impact.

Consider buying cell boxes

These boxes come with small compartments designed for stemware and small glassware. These will work wonders for your smaller fragile items since it will be so much easier to organize and protect them in the small compartments. You can get these boxes from specialized packing supply stores.

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