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What Commercial Moving Services Do You Need?

What Commercial Moving Services Do You Need?


If you’re moving an office or company, you need commercial moving services. Residential moving services are great, but they don’t have all the bells and whistles. Commercial movers are much more attuned to the unique needs of an office move.

But what kind of commercial moving services do you need? Well, that really depends on your business.

Basic Office Move

Maybe your company doesn’t have a ton of newfangled technology. Maybe this is an office move that’s as simple as it can get. You’re just moving basic furniture from one location to another nearby building.

You might think that you have it all under control. But commercial moving services will take a lot of the hassle away. Even the simplest office moves can be more complicated than residential ones.

Here are some considerations for your office move:

  • You use computers, right? How are you packing and transporting all of that precious technology?
  • You have heavy desks, right? A lot of the furniture probably can’t fit in an elevator. How are you transporting it up and down your building stairs?
  • You have to set everything up in the new space, right? How much downtime is there going to be while you’re moving?

All of these logistics are a huge pain to figure out alone. But commercial moving services have these things down to a science. A good company will pack and unpack your office so efficiently that you have barely any downtime at all.

At Movin’ On Movers, we’ll do an onsite assessment and give you a free quote. We’ll also deliver packing materials for free.

Technology Moves

Sometimes your commercial move gets complicated because of the amount of technology being transported. Maybe it’s more than just computers. Maybe you’re moving delicate scientific instruments, or finicky electronics, or other fragile items.

It’s vital that your commercial moving services are organized. It’s also vital that they know how to pack up your technology so it’s safe during transportation.

A good moving company will take inventory as they work. They will have detailed labels on every piece of technology. When they arrive in the new space, ideal commercial moving services will set everything back up. The same goes for your basic office furniture.

Again, your commercial moving services should also involve strategic scheduling. Maybe only a few tech items are packed at a time. That way, everyone’s able to continue working without major pauses.

Alternatively, maybe everything is transported and unpacked at once while the staff work from home. This allows you to quickly set up your new space, while you don’t lose any productivity from your employees.


Sometimes the best commercial moving services include storage. Are you downsizing your office now that some people permanently work from home? Do you not have enough space for all of your furniture?

Many businesses are downsizing these days. While that will save you tons of money on rent, storage can be expensive. So complementary storage is a great option to look for with commercial moving services.

At Movin’ On Movers, we are proud of our climate-controlled storage facility. It boasts 50,000 square feet. The climate control features help to protect items from damage and decay. Unlike garage-type areas, this storage won’t subject your items to uncontrolled moisture or heat.

We also take care of all the storage for you. Every item is put into a labeled crate and inventoried. We’ll specially protect furniture like desks and chairs. In fact, we wrap furniture in blankets to protect it from moisture and heat while it’s being transported.

If you use our commercial moving services, our team can take care of all the packing and transportation. You also have the option to pack everything yourself using our free packing materials. We’ll move everything you want to your office, and whatever’s left will be stored securely away.

Here at Movin’ On Movers, we serve a huge area of North Carolina. Our practice covers Raleigh to Durham to the Triangle Area. If you need commercial moving services for your next company move, call us for a quote! We’ll handle all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

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