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Average Moving Costs

Average Moving Costs

Are you getting ready for a local move within a 100 mile range of your current residence or a long-distance move beyond that area? If so, you are probably wondering about average moving costs for professional movers or a self-move. Below, we look at these types of moves and what you can expect to pay.

Average Moving Costs for a Local Move

It is a myth that hiring professional movers is the most costly way to move. For local moves, your pros charge by the hour. This hourly rate is for all of the duties they perform like:

Your moving pros at Movin’ On Movers in Apex, NC will provide a price quote for competitive average moving costs depending on multiple factors. These factors include:

  • Your home size
  • Services to be performed
  • Number of pros working on your move
  • Distance to your new residence
  • Their hourly rate, such as about $30 per mover

If you currently live in a studio apartment, your local move will take two professional movers about four to five hours. This means your average moving cost will be about $240 to $300 plus additional fees. For a two-bedroom home you will likely need three moving pros for six to seven hours at about $540 to $630 plus additional fees.

Of course, there are multiple factors that influence these costs and, thus, the bottom line. Asking your moving company for a price quote is the best way to know what you can expect for average moving cost.

Average Moving Costs for a Long-Distance Move

The factors involved in determining average moving cost for a long-distance move include the move distance, shipment weight and add-on services. You can expect to pay more for professional movers to handle your packing, particularly for antique, bulky or very heavy items. If items require disassembly or must go up or down stairs, you can expect to pay more, too.

The best way to know current average moving costs for a long-distance move is to request a price quote from your professional movers. But some scenarios of these costs include:

  • A one bedroom apartment move consisting of about 3500 lbs. of weight for 500 miles will cost about $1500 and 1000 miles will cost $2000
  • A two bedroom home with about 5000 lbs. of weight moved 500 miles will cost $2000 or 1000 miles will cost about $2500
  • A three bedroom home with about 7500 lbs. of weight moved 500 miles costs about $2600 and 1000 miles costs about $3500

Of course, these are approximate costs only. To understand all of the costs involved in your long-distance move, talk to the moving professionals of Movin’ On Movers.

Average Moving Cost for Self-Moves

Self-moves do not necessarily save you money. There are a number of factors you must consider when estimating any savings for doing this work yourself. These factors include:

  • Moving only a short distance
  • Having good friends or family members who will provide labor on moving day
  • You have some moving experience
  • You have the time and confidence to get the packing and moving done on your own

For your self-move, your average moving costs must include:

  • Moving truck rental
  • Moving equipment rental
  • Cost of packing materials
  • Hidden moving costs, such as moving insurance, personal injury costs and property damage

Making the Decision to Hire Professional Movers

Moving from one residence to another, whether as part of a local move or a long-distance move, is a big job. Your average moving costs for working with pros come with a lot of benefits that really add up. These benefits can outweigh how much you think you might save through a self-move. Working with pro movers gives you peace of mind. It also helps you get from your old home to the new one with greater efficiency. For your upcoming move, call the pros of Movin’ On Movers in Apex, NC at (919) 362–8355 for your free estimate.

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