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Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

Moving is stressful at any time of year and in any outdoor conditions. When moving in bad weather, everything about your North Carolina relocation seems even more difficult. The good news is that your pros from Movin’ On Movers are able to keep things on schedule and going forward, regardless of rain, snow or intense heat. We come prepared for the day’s work, even when that means moving in the rain.

Below, we look at some tips for moving in bad weather. These tips can help you keep a level head and low stress level, despite the day’s task list.

Talk to the Moving Company about Moving in Bad Weather

Each moving company has its own policy about moving in bad weather. This policy can include details about which conditions they will work in, such as rain, sleet, snow, thunderstorms and tropical storms. Because intense weather conditions can hit the Triangle Area at any time of year, it is important to understand this policy.

Prepare Yourself for Moving in Bad Weather

Bad weather makes working outdoors difficult. On a day with sweltering heat, make things easier for everyone by having plenty of bottled water on hand for your moving pros. They will appreciate the gesture and staying hydrated enables them to keep working. Also ensure you protect yourself from the sun and heat.

When moving in cold weather, wear layers. Don’t forget gloves and a winter hat, too. For moving in the rain, wear rubber boots and a waterproof jacket. Keep umbrellas available to yourself and your items, too.

Wait for Dangerous Conditions to Ease

It is never safe to stay outside during an electrical storm. If thunder and lightning are happening in your area, it is safer to let the intense storm pass. Moving in the rain is one thing. Putting yourself at risk for injury is a different issue, altogether. Fifteen minutes to a half hour can make a significant difference in your safety.

Cover Big Items

When moving in bad weather, you need to cover your furniture and other bulky items with plastic to keep them from getting soaked, stained or ruined. Your moving professionals from Movin’ On Movers will bring moving blankets and plastic tarps as needed. But it never hurts to prepare yourself for wet weather by having extra blankets and towels on hand, too. Even better, invest in a reusable waterproof canvas.

Use Waterproof Containers

If you have easily damaged items to load on the truck when moving in bad weather, consider substituting plastic bins for cardboard boxes. The cardboard boxes pro movers use offer some protection from moisture. But if you do any of the packing yourself and use substandard boxes, you risk losing books, photos, artwork and other delicate items to saturation. For safe transport of items like these, wrap each one in plastic and place them in a tightly sealed waterproof bin.

Have Your Belongings Packed by Your Pro Movers

Moving in bad weather is much less stressful when your pro movers do the packing. Their packing materials and methods keep your belongings safe from rain, snow, cold and heat. This is particularly important when you have home electronics, office equipment, books and artwork.

Use Floor Protection Cloths

If you have drop cloths, towels, rags or rugs you can use to prevent tracking of water and mud throughout your home, make these available to your pro movers. Of course, they will always do their best to keep your floors clean. But when moving in the rain, this is often easier said than done. When moving in cold weather, it is also important to help the movers avoid tracking in salt from your sidewalks or driveway.

Empty Damp Boxes Immediately

After the moving truck unloading, it is important to unpack your boxes as soon as possible. But if any boxes got wet when moving in bad weather, unpacking is particularly important. Otherwise, your belongings can experience mildewing, mold growth or water damage.

Your best bet is to enlist your pro movers for unpacking service. They can get this work done quickly and efficiently. Then, they haul away the packing materials for you.

Your Moving Pros Help Make Moving in Bad Weather Easier

Your pro movers at Movin’ On Movers have the experience needed to help you more easily get through moving in bad weather. We have worked in just about every weather condition the Triangle Area will experience and know when to stop the work for safety. Of course, when you are prepared to adjust to bad weather conditions, it makes the move easier for everyone. Talk to us about your upcoming move and ask about our policy for moving in bad weather. Call Movin’ On Movers today at (919)362–8355.

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