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Moving Away: Top States People Are Moving Away From in 2021

moving awayAfter the disaster we all know as 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, work, social and home life have forever changed. For many people, these events mean a deep desire for a change of scenery, too. Working from home has made many realize they need more square footage in their house or less square footage in their office. Others want to be closer to loved ones or trade urban living for country life. As a result, “moving away” is a popular theme for 2021.

Are you thinking of moving away from the Triangle Area? Maybe you seek an in-state or out-of-state move in the coming year? Whatever your reason for relocation, we check out the top states people are moving away from in 2021, below.

New York

You cannot blame people for moving away from New York when you consider its high taxes and through-the-roof cost of living. Manhattan and Brooklyn, in particular, show signs of slimming down as people make an exodus away from the past year’s pandemic panic. Many residents of these cities felt too confined during quarantine and realized they need room to move and breathe for greater well-being. Because of NYC’s high cost of living, that means moving out-of-state, or at least in-state but out of the city, for most.

New Jersey

Although it is the Garden State, New Jersey shares New York’s high cost of living and steep economy. Also, like in the city, many of this state’s residents want more room to live and play where prices are cheaper. Working remotely makes interstate moving more possible for most than ever before. No longer do many residents have to commute daily into a Manhattan office. Services for moving away from New Jersey are in high demand for 2021.


Connecticut also shares the high cost of living of New York and New Jersey. So, it is no surprise that many of this state’s residents are also moving away in 2021. Also as for residents of New Jersey, many people from Connecticut no longer have to commute into NYC for work. This remote working lifestyle means they need more space at home and can relocate anywhere in the country. It is likely that interstate moving has never been so popular in Connecticut, as is expected for the coming year.


Although it is a lovely place to live, many people show interest in moving away from their homes in Massachusetts. As in the rest of the Northeast, big motivators for interstate moving are the cost of living and recent transitions to remote working lifestyles. Young adults in Boston show particular interest in cross-country relocation.


Illinois is one of only two Upper Midwest states making the list for top state people are moving away from in 2021. Perhaps this relates to Illinois’ high tax rates and poor economy. In fact, 2020 already started this mass interstate migration. It will only keep happening in 2021, with many former city workers choosing more ideal surroundings for their new work-from-home lifestyle. Affordability and low potential for gang violence are two big attractors for these people when choosing a new region.


California’s population swelled during the Gold Rush, after the establishment of Hollywood, and during the height of the Silicon Valley boom. But the 2020 pandemic proved particularly detrimental in the Golden State. Other factors leading people out-of-state include its extremely high cost of living, high taxes and the lack of affordable housing. In fact, the exodus of these people moving away has been called a dramatic population shift. This interstate moving trend will keep going in 2021 and perhaps well beyond.


Although Kansas is affordable and offers plenty of room to breathe, many of the state’s residents are moving away in 2021. This out-of-state trend relates to the lack of well-paying job opportunities for residents. Young people, in particular, seek greener pastures with better employment prospects.


As for people in Kansas, moving away is a reality for many long-time residents of Louisiana. The poor economy and low-income levels of this state easily entice Louisianans toward interstate relocation in 2021.


Michigan residents have felt doomed for years, thanks to the shutdown of many of the state’s largest employers. Although some grew accustomed to high unemployment and low wages, 2021 offers promise for a better future for those moving away.

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