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Five Weird Ways Our Professional Movers Help People Move

Professional Movers – Many think the only time people use our moving services are when they need to move from an apartment to a house or from one house to another. Despite this, we actually have other projects that we help regular people do every day. After all, when you have a big truck. You can easily get roped into fun projects that most people do not realize are happening in our Triangle community. What to get a better idea of how we might help you with a unique project in the future? Take a look at five situations where movers came in handy.

Moving Companies - When You Move Professional Movers

Following A Theater Company

When you are sitting in the audience, you may not be aware of the large amount of scaffolding. Also, other props involved with making a theater production look the way it does. In some situations, a portable stage must also be used for the theater company to do their performance.

On top of this, there may be other items to move such as tables and chairs used for the audience. Although it does not happen frequently, on occasion we are asked to become a part of teams that need professional movers and a truck to help them meet their performance goals. In these situations, we offer hourly rates for our drivers, and we set up and move all of the theater equipment that goes back in the truck.

Giving A Hand To Music Bands

Like our experience with theater companies, we also help music bands to move all of their equipment to their performances. However, we also have professionals driving our trucks and moving items for music bands that will reflect high-end clients. For example, if you are part of a symphony orchestra, we can help you move your musical instruments to a corporate function where you are performing. When we arrive in clean uniforms, we make a professional impression that you will appreciate. Also, you’ll be glad you had us be a visible part of your team.

Moving Wedding Furniture

Most people will only hire movers once in their lives. Also, it is to move from an apartment to a house. Regardless, if they hire professional movers a second time, it will be due to getting married or having an anniversary party. When a couple decides to not use an event planner for their wedding, what often gets left off of the DIY list is including a plan for moving the wedding furniture from the rental location to the place where the wedding is being performed. In many instances, items like tent poles are not allowed to be moved without a moving truck or trailer.

Providing A Rainy Weather Plan B

Everyone loves the outdoors, but if it rains, there can be a scramble to get electronic equipment someplace safe. Do you have an event in remote locations? It is helpful if you have movers pick-up and drop-off PA equipment, amps, lighting and tents. Unlike other companies, we do not turn around and leave once we have dropped off our equipment. Instead, we also provide an hourly-rate service that allows you to keep the movers and the truck at your location to use as a Plan B if the weather turns for the worse.

This Plan B also comes in handy because, if a wedding is being held outdoors, the weather can change suddenly and this means you might need to send a truck to pick up equipment like tents.

Charity Delivery Service

One of our favorite times of the year is the holidays because charities take time to help those in need. When regular people decide to give back, they sometimes find they do not have the type of professional help they need to move bulk food donations. For example, a warehouse that sells bulk canned food at a discount is the perfect buy to help keep local food banks stocked.

Regardless, a warehouse might be restricted by certain laws. Also, this means they may not allow you to take the product home in a personal vehicle. When you are trying to help the community and are having trouble finding a delivery company to help you move donated items, give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Let us help you with your next moving project

Do you need someone to help you get rid of an old appliance? Or you want to downsize into a storage unit. No project request is weird to us. At Movin’ On Movers in Apex, North Carolina, we are happy to help anyone with our team of professional movers. Our drivers and trucks are also available at hourly rates. So, in case you do not want to let us out of your sight until your moving project is complete. Give us a call at 919-362-8355 to learn more about how we can help you move.

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