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4 Tips About Moving During Hurricane Season

4 Tips About Moving During Hurricane Season

Moving During Hurricane Season

From the beginning of June until the end of November each year, North Carolina coastal communities are on alert for Atlantic hurricanes. These major storms can arise any day during this time period, even when you are moving to a new home. In fact, hurricanes can also affect the weather of the Triangle Area, making your move stormy and wet. So what should you consider when moving during hurricane season?

Movin’ On Movers of Apex, NC has moved individuals and families like yours throughout the Triangle Area and across the United States for almost 40 years. In this time, we have experienced just about every type of weather condition. If you are moving during hurricane season, have no fear. We will have a contingency plan to get your move back on track if serious weather causes delays.

When Do Hurricanes Typically Affect North Carolina?

Each ocean has its own hurricane season. For example, hurricanes can affect the Atlantic and Gulf coasts anytime from June 1 to November 30. For the Pacific coast of the U.S., hurricanes occur between May 15 and November 30. But the most common timeframe for these storms on any American coast is August to October. Unfortunately, North Carolina is a frequent strike zone for Atlantic hurricanes.

Besides hurricanes, our state frequently experiences the wrath of tropical storms. Tropical storms have winds of at least 38 miles per hour. Once those winds speed up to 74 miles per hour, the tropical storm officially becomes a hurricane.

If you are moving during hurricane season, it is important to remain aware of eastern North Carolina weather. Recent hurricanes have flooded communities throughout our state, even those more than 100 miles away from the coast. You should also talk to your movers about the upcoming storm season and their plan, should bad weather occur on moving day.

Maintain Your Insurance Policy When Moving during Hurricane Season

Especially if you are moving during hurricane season, it is important to maintain your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance until you have officially cleared your old residence and turned over the keys. Talk to your insurance agent to fully understand your policy and its coverage for damage to your home. Also inquire about coverage specific to moving, particularly in bad weather.

Protect Your Home from an Inbound Hurricane

Just like you need to maintain your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy until after your move, you should also take steps to protect your home’s structure. Even if you have sold the house you are leaving, you are still responsible for its care and upkeep until the new owners take possession. In other words, despite the extra hassles of moving during hurricane season, you also need to board up windows, stack sandbags or take other steps recommended by your local weather service and to protect your assets if a storm is on the way.

Keep Your Critical Documents On Hand

If you are moving during hurricane season, keep your critical documents with you instead of packing them in your household goods. Critical documents include your passports, birth certificates and documents of ownership for vehicles and properties. You need these papers and files accessible as part of any emergency preparedness, anyway. Having them all put together in one handy file is a good idea, regardless of weather.

Let the Pros Do Your Packing for You

Time is of the essence when a storm is rolling in. This is particularly true when moving during hurricane season. Letting your professional movers do your packing for you makes great sense. The professionals can pack your entire household in mere hours, whereas you might take days or even weeks to do so in your spare time. Because they can pack so quickly, your pro movers can help you get steps ahead of an approaching storm. They will also be able to load the truck more efficiently, if your boxes are professionally packed with proper weight distribution.

Trust Experienced Triangle Area Movers

Whether you are moving on a sunny day or moving during hurricane season, you can trust the pros of Movin’ On Movers. After four decades of moving Raleigh-Durham customers, we have contingency plans in place for all weather conditions. As top professionals in our field, we make the best decisions for our customers’ convenience and safety.

For your upcoming move, call the pros of Movin’ On Movers for a free quote and to learn about our policies for moving during hurricane season. We offer local, long distance and commercial moving services in the Triangle Area. Call us at (919)362 – 8355 today for details and scheduling.

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