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Moving Tips for Procrastinators

Moving Tips for Procrastinators

There are parts of moving that are fun such as looking for a new home and exploring the community for the first time. But there are other parts that are not fun at all. These not-so-fun aspects include packing, loading the truck, unloading and unpacking. Those are chores that can make you want to forget you have to move, at all. If you feel overwhelmed by the requirements of your upcoming move, consider these moving tips for procrastinators.

Get Rid of Unneeded Belongings

All of us have things we don’t really need. Moving is the best time to get rid of these old things that take up space and provide us no real value. Getting rid of your extra stuff also cuts down on how much you have to pack and load on the truck.

Before packing for your big move, throw away broken items that cannot be fixed. Donate things that someone else might use. You can even arrange for some donation recipients like Goodwill and the Salvation Army to pick up your old junk. This is one of the best moving tips for procrastinators because it reduces the number of things you need to pack. Consider donating furniture, kitchen items, clothing, shoes, stuff in the garage and other belongings that still have some value.

Stockpile Packing Supplies

If you have lots of time before your upcoming move, one of the best moving tips is to stockpile packing supplies in advance. Moving requires lots of boxes, packing tape, tissue, moving blankets and other supplies. These items are costly. It is also hard to know how much you need. It seems everyone runs out of boxes, tape and other packing materials at least once in their move.

If you have months to plan for your DIY move, ask friends to keep extra boxes for you. Pick these up on the weekends and keep them in your garage or an extra room. They will save you tons of money for your local or long-distance move.

Of course, an even better moving tip to make packing easier is to have the pros do the work for you. Your local moving company can save you a ton of time and trouble. They provide all of the necessary supplies. They will also get your entire household packed in just hours on moving day, instead of taking weeks like you will on your own.

Pack a Little at a Time

The best way to approach the overwhelming task of packing your home is to pack a little at a time. Do not expect to get all of this work done in one day. That is, unless you have a pro moving company do it all for you. Because they work in teams, the pros take only hours, not days or weeks.

For your DIY move, one of the best moving tips is to try to pack while watching TV, listening to an audiobook or tuning into a podcast. Invest a set number of hours each week in this activity well in advance of your move. Working in little chunks of time will help you avoid expecting too much of yourself and procrastinating, as a result.

Get the Moving Pros to Help

Moving is overwhelming for just about everyone. So why do the work yourself? Your local moving company knows how to get the packing done quickly on moving day. They also have the trucks you need to transport your belongings from one house to the next. This means you won’t have to find an available rental and take them time to go pick it up. Working with the pros is a great moving tip because it saves you time and money, in the long run.

If you need to do the job yourself, just remember from the above moving tips to start your preparations and packing well in advance. Also, get rid of the things you do not want, need or use in your daily life. But if procrastination is your biggest problem, perhaps you should just make the whole move easier and enlist help from your local moving company. Call the pros at Movin’ On Movers for your upcoming Raleigh area local or long-distance move. Schedule your move today at (919)362–8355.

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